The Jingdong to increase the free shipping standard Amazon membership service

Jingdong free shipping threshold increased. The emergence of online instant wave scripts of Jingdong and. In a "new money to buy milk" in the sound, it seems we are also the only buy, and not very different from what.

two days ago, tiger sniffing a Jingdong today to improve the free shipping threshold, you must know these things in the article, the author uses the data show:

1 for ordinary consumers, to avoid shipping costs will increase the amount of online shopping orders;

2 Jingdong to raise the cost of shipping and the single amount does not have an impact on the growth of commodity Jingdong, but significantly increased;

3 for investors, you can see the promotion of Jingdong gross profit. This is a very good point of view, but the author of this article and other mainstream media have ignored one of the most important reasons – Jingdong Plus.


why Jingdong Plus member service has been forgotten?

mention Jingdong Plus, I believe a lot of loyal users of Jingdong will feel very strange, there are several reasons for this:

1 product experience perspective, Jingdong Plus logo placed in the nearby client "my" page, personal avatar, compared to Taobao buyers kept brush logistics, confirm receipt and other actions, the number of Jingdong buyers into the "me" page, a low frequency, they buy products, and did not go to see logistics information and confirm the receipt of the necessary


Plus had 2 Jingdong is a high-end service members, to adopt a "solicitation" mode, and not everyone heard the diamond membership can be chosen to be the lucky;

3 and AmazonPrime similar to the membership fee, but to provide services and preferential but not much freshness inferior by comparison.

I believe that the main purpose of the Jingdong to raise the free shipping threshold should be forced to promote the foundation of Jingdong Plus, this has been proved by the feasibility of the Amazon membership fee model thoroughly popular. The purpose is nothing more than money, money, money.


Plus annual fee is 149 yuan, the main service for 60 free shipping coupons per year, to 10 yuan to buy 90 yuan worth of Jingdong VIP card read free e-books, free shipping and import goods return, now offer a 30 day free trial.


membership service Amazon service members, what are the differences between the


mentioned Jingdong Plus, naturally can not be compared with the prototype AmazonPrime do contrast:

1Prime also offers 30 days of free use;

2.Prime annual fee of $99, which is the same as the level of Plus in the domestic 149 yuan fee

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