Depth logistics base to explore the secrets of Jingdong delivery fast

talk about the impression of Jingdong, in addition to genuine genuine, the first reaction is often fast delivery. For example, under the order in the evening, second days must be delivered, and high accuracy. As a gold user, I have not encountered in the self platform shopping damage, send the wrong situation. This speed, this efficiency, enough to throw out the industry several streets. Have been very curious, as do the electricity supplier, is built by what Jingdong engage in warehousing distribution, can achieve so fast, fast delivery of Jingdong in the end is how to make


opportunity came, I was fortunate enough to be able to go deep into the Jingdong Guan logistics base in April 13th, the legendary logistics system in the end strong where?

is located in Hebei, Guan, warehousing and logistics center, the radiation area in North China, including Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi and parts of Inner Mongolia. Starting from Beijing, Yizhuang Jingdong headquarters, about an hour trip.

is about to explore an amazing journey of order

open logistics base of the visit, what is the significance of the Jingdong should be close to the distance between users and enhance mutual understanding of communication. Liu Qiangdong has always believed that Jingdong is China’s national enterprises, through this window to promote the brand image of the national Jingdong. Of course, the blacksmith needs its own hardware, can also be regarded as the Jingdong very confident of their own logistics capability performance.

a road trip over and reached Guan Electronic Commerce Development Zone, the Jingdong occupies a large part of. We visited the Jingdong 3CA1 library.


neatly ordered 3CA1 reservoir corner

was accompanied by commentary is a clever young man, young and energetic and confident. He said that the entire warehouse covers an area of nearly twenty thousand square meters, the reservoir area is divided into the upper and lower layers of the storage area of each floor is more than 10 thousand square meters, the floor is about two square meters. Well, let’s go with him to see an order from the order to the actual operation of the process.


customer orders, the Treasury WMS system can be achieved in real-time push


when the user orders in the Jingdong mall, the corresponding warehouse in the back office system will be able to see his orders, almost real-time push seconds. It looks simple, but technically difficult. We can recall the original WeChat because of real-time online, real-time response, and the impact of the operator’s system, and even make the charges to WeChat. Usually in order to reduce the load of the system and the server, improve the stability, many third party system is to take the time to pull the order, but it will affect the efficiency.

through manual or system, according to the different labels of the incoming order automatic classification, generate order picking up, and assigned to the clerk. Pick up a lot of tasks at a time, up to 200 orders. What, one can pick up so many orders? You didn’t hear, a picker can pick a maximum of 200 orders. >

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