Comments on Han Han’s influence on the development of domestic e-commerce

recently announced the 2010 "time", "the world’s most influential people" list of candidates, the president of the United States Obama, US Secretary of state Hilary, Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio, former Prime Minister of Singapore, Li Guangyao and other political figures have the list. In the list of candidates, the name of the young writer Han Han also impressively.

"is the debut ten years, famous" Southern Weekend reporter Li Haipeng on his evaluation. Han Han is a writer, "three doors" became famous for his Chinese, is the only location and rally the double champion, is the idol. However, in this era of Internet information, to the attention of the world, he still has 360 million of the world’s most popular blog owner.

April 14th, Han Han was elected to the Time’s "most influential" caused by the heat did not break, came news, Han Han recently quietly clothing online shopping brand endorsement contract VANCL (Eslite). According to VANCL insiders, Han Han flew to the Beijing headquarters on VANCL, VANCL founder and CEO Chen Nian, to discuss the matters of brand endorsement. The old has publicly said that he appreciated Han Han represents the spirit of the internet.

Strike while the iron is hot. VANCL

October 18, 2007, VANCL (Eslite) officially launched operations. VANCL stick GPS advertising model, operating less than two years, is a rooted in the Internet service brand. In one year and ten months time, the consumer’s trust for VANCL a geometric growth, this growth cannot do without customers for a deep understanding of e-commerce network marketing.

Internet marketing

VANCL, reflected from micro-blog, blog, forum, beauty, carefully designed inadvertently. Han Han was selected in April 8th, Time of the 200 most influential figures, a network of public opinion reviews, Han Han hits each blog blog in the hundreds of millions. In April 13th, we invited Han Han endorsement, is undoubtedly a move where the customer is Strike while the iron is hot., but declare in no uncertain terms it was a good network marketing. "I’m looking at Han Han’s spirit of the internet." Eslite founder original founder Chen said, "I saw him out of the ordinary, and the mainstream of the distance of the pioneer era temperament to a proper extent."


. In early February 10th, Alibaba borrowed "murder case" caused a Steamed Buns author of the Hu Ge film "animal world" to promote new business In the home network, which is known as the house of animals, to participate in the show "Han Han" is also the name of the column. The Alibaba Xing and Eslite two famous enterprises at the same time to agree without prior without previous consultation, a kind of commercial value extremely sensitive sense of smell to detect the value and potential of Han Han in the network in the electronic commerce, it is worth pondering.

The Enlightenment of

"Han Han phenomenon"

"Time" Introduction to Han Han is: China >

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