The second generation of Mazda6 to the in the name of the domain name is registered

Sina News on September 8, 2008, in the most innovative spirit and the characteristics of the era of Shenzhen City, the second generation of Mazda6 to "the" in the name of China opened in the take-off trip.

general manager of FAW Mazda Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Yoshida wide name announced at the press conference, the second generation of Mazda6, the name of Chinese. Yoshida Hiroshi said, the car is a wise, is to take off the car. The release of the new name marks the beginning of the countdown to the localization work, but also marks the cause of FAW Mazda into a new era.

The design concept of

is "the evolution of ZOOM-ZOOM". It is a continuation of the first generation of Mazda6 excellent performance and high-tech image, and on this basis, the design concept is more convenient, safer and more environmentally friendly, is committed to creating a vehicle to traffic accident. The summit will be listed at the beginning of 09, the first batch of listed models, the displacement of 2.5 liters, positioning in the high-end luxury car, the price of 200 thousand yuan or more.

this afternoon, I query "the" domain name, found that "the.Com" and "the China." has been quasi individual user registration. Other domains are not registered.

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