Double 11 promotion space is limited The relevant departments shall not be marked after the discount

surging news reporter Zou Juan

double fold eleven big promotion


November 3rd, surging news reporter interviewed was informed that after the development of online shopping, many products have not much room for price cuts, some businesses even resorted to the first to restore the original price and then discount trick. In this regard, the relevant departments have been interviewed business platform, businesses can not clear vacuity original discount. A number of electronic business platform shows that the practice of more businesses in the existing price index out of the eleven day of the same price, the price is mostly less than the current price of less than one or two.

first price and then discount alleged false propaganda

is double eleven fold big promotion, consumers expect Ms. Yang place open commodity ", the results greatly disappointed: a last week bought children subcoating, buy only 75 yuan, eleven pairs of double discount, also need 69 yuan.

she told news reporters surging, then carefully check the relevant web pages found, the original subcoating price is 138 yuan, had been to 75 yuan price for sale, the so-called double to eleven discount, is played in the original 138 yuan discount.

coincidentally, a business platform in a sports brand official flagship store in Shanghai, a jacket has the price of 250 yuan, close to double eleven, the price has soared to 499 yuan, eleven double discount, seems to be a lot cheaper, and the price is not much difference between.

Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee said that similar businesses have been suspected of false propaganda. Electricity supplier is more subtle than the traditional business model, the higher the degree of difficulty of the rights of consumers, businesses set up shop with the low cost of illegal consumer fraud. Electricity providers using double eleven hype, fraud hidden in the short cycle, the intensity of frequent transactions, not easily perceived by consumers. Consumers tend to fall into the forensics difficult embarrassment.

earlier, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the local law enforcement departments have been interviewed business platform, businesses can not clear vacuity original discount. Surging news reporter in a number of electronic business platform search found that more businesses are in the existing price index eleven double the price of the day, the price is mostly less than the current price of less than one or two.

on the other hand, the China Consumer Association, a data show that from 2013 to 2015, the rate of return of eleven and customer service consulting accounted for a year after year decline in the proportion of customer service and pre-sales consulting is rising year by year. This shows that more than three consumers more and more, just listen to the reserve price, full reduction on the number of impulse spending less and less. And from consumers and users Tucao point of view, more consumers have been from the initial eleven pairs of fresh, curious, into a normal heart.

90 Ms. White said: "last year, double eleven to grab the middle of the night, bought a lot of things, to tell the truth a little regret. Because on the one hand is to buy a lot of things are not used, in addition, I also found that the original price of eleven pairs of businesses is not true, compared to the hard work and time to pay their own, the discount rate is not equal, no longer >

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