7 categories of products sold over 30% pass rate

[Abstract] quality inspection administration found 11 batches of the products in question where the customer, including shoes, clothing, bags etc..

small household electrical appliances, plush toys hidden dangers; part of the down, cashmere clothing and even did not detect down, cashmere ingredients; footwear folding resistance…… State Administration of Quality Supervision announced the latest checks show that children’s toys, clothing, footwear, handbags and small appliances, such as online sales, the pass rate of only 73.9%. Netizens think that "high quality and inexpensive" vancl.com, it is found that a shoes, clothing, bags and other 11 batches of substandard products.

7 product failure rate of over 30%

quality inspection administration take the mystery buyer, from Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Amazon, Dangdang, shop No. 1, where customers and other business platform sample of 359 companies produced 502 batches of products in electronic commerce. After inspection, a total of 110 batches of substandard products produced by the company of 131. The detection rate of unqualified products in more than 30% have 7 kinds: shoes, plush and cloth toys, 56.3%; 40%; 35.6%; cashmere knitted garment, bag back, 34.3%; leisure clothing (woven), 33.7%; the mobile socket, 33.3% room heater, 30.4%.

revealed, electric kettle, hair dryer, heater and other small household electrical appliances and plush and cloth toys product safety, including plush and cloth toys are mainly small parts, hair ball and safety project unqualified; Guangdong Ronshen electric Limited by Share Ltd production of the two "Ronshen" senior hair dryer, Shenzhen Konka Electric Limited "Konka" room heater on the black list.

footwear products and bags back to the physical and mechanical properties of outstanding phenomenon. Among them, the main problem of footwear products focused on the folding performance; the main problem is concentrated in the back of the bag and the impact of the shock strength of the two durability index. Shenzhen daocaoren Leather Co. Ltd. a "Scarecrow" bag, Beijing CA Hengye bag products Co., the "Dangers" single shoulder bag, unqualified shock oscillation.

11 cashmere sweaters in cashmere

spot checks found that the content of clothing products is not serious, 61 batches of substandard products, there are 43 batches of the content is not real". Cashmere knitted clothing 11 batches of substandard or even not detected cashmere ingredients; down clothing substandard batches of products, but also did not detect the 3 batches of down ingredients in.

Yuyao song sent Clothing Co., a "Jean song" mink cashmere (cashmere knitted garments), 100% + nominal mink cashmere cashmere, only 32% of the measured value of rabbit hair and other ingredients. There are 8 fake cashmere from Erdos City, such as Dongsheng HENGWEI Trade Co. Ltd. a pure cashmere cashmere sweater, "women’s boutique Dongsheng District Ying Wu Trading Co., a" women’s boutique Hing cashmere cashmere sweater, cashmere express value is 100%, the measured value of wool and nylon, only part of viscose, rabbit.

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