A rural, two sets of electricity providers play Jingdong to sell appliances to the countryside, Ali


"Beijing morning news," wrote, Jingdong and Ali two electricity supplier, is a collective 900 million to the size of three to six cities and rural power. One hopes to sell goods from a second tier cities to the township, a hope that through their own platform to sell the township specialty.

data background is, according to data released by Alibaba, in 2013 China’s county market issued a total of 1 billion 400 million parcels, received a total of 1 billion 800 million parcels.

Jingdong play: Brush slogans to the countryside, so that residents of small towns know what Jingdong is doing

"we want to change the sales of agricultural products, like before the transformation of IT product sales." Liu Qiangdong said in a speech at the Ministry of agriculture.

from the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2013 to March of this year, Jingdong brush 8000 whitewashing advertising in the more than and 100 towns. This year, the Jingdong bought three caravan of three lines passing through 100 towns publicity. The whole point of pumping bicycle, thousands of Taiwanese fans 1 yuan purchase "," Beijing morning news "to see Wanda Plaza in Langfang outside the caravan activities are like billboards. Jingdong will also be placed in the country’s 15 cities in the following three or four billboards, while in the body of the ads put into the city of the 35, and held a meeting with friends, etc..

Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu Jingdong channel sink this year summed up, so that residents of small towns know what Jingdong is doing.

this year, sales are in the study, three to six lines of the city favored what brand." Shen Haoyu said, in order to channel sink, the Jingdong will choose product selection for different regions. In addition, Jingdong is also expanding its own logistics. Using the first half of the 5 months, Jingdong has covered 60% of the country’s counties and more than 75% of the country’s cities, all require a service of 24 hours."

Ali play: county to open the city, the tongue of the Chinese style specialty sales

July 3rd, Ali held the first county general assembly, such as more than 100 counties and cities, the county magistrate, some people also because the venue is too many people standing in the doorway. Magistrate who have received two books, "e-commerce knowledge cadres reading" and "electronic commerce" 100 questions, a total of 60 more than words, but the content is very simple – Terminology and basic knowledge of Taobao’s e-commerce.

this is because, from 2012 onwards, with the "tongue on Chinese" hit, taobao.com food category re established the characteristics of China projects, leveraging users want to use native booming demand for agricultural products. At the same time, taobao.com established a new Ministry of rural development, the introduction of ecological agriculture channel; Tmall is the organization of quality services operator resources, to provide more professional support and services for food categories under nearly 4000 sellers; Juhuasuan platform also provides fresh agricultural products of the group purchase.

according to Ali’s figures, in 2013 Ali platform farm

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