How to make customers buy your products quickly

recently a lot of people ask me how to establish and operate e-commerce website. I told them I had a proven way to succeed. They asked me how I knew it because I’ve seen thousands of people doing the same thing in the same way, and getting better results. So I decided to share these methods and experience to everyone, so that more e-commerce businesses gain.

first step: find the needs and meet it

many marketers have made a mistake to start selling products before they find out what the market needs. If people don’t take the initiative to find a product, you’ll never be a business. The secret to finding a market need is to find a part of the problem and solve it.

thanks to the Internet to make market research work more convenient. Here are some simple steps to help you find market demand:

1) go to the forum to see what people are asking, what problems need to be solved.

2) to find out people often search but the competition is not too fierce keyword.

3) to study the potential competitor’s website and write down what they have met the needs of users.


has done this, you will be able to put the results of your research into practice, provide the products you need, and do better than your competitors.

the second step: to write sales documents for your product

copy of your site must be for your sales service. From visitors to the site began to enter the sales process, which is a practice has been proved that the model:

1) attractive Title

2) describes the product functional requirements

3) let them believe you can solve this problem


4) had used the products of customers praise

5) to talk about your views on the product and how the product is beneficial to the user

6) make an offer or guarantee

7) create a sense of urgency

8) proposed sale requirements

in the sales document, focus on the uniqueness of your product in solving user problems, or how to make them live better. Think of yourself as a customer empathy, if it is for me, what is it to me?

third step: design and build your website


has identified the market and the product, you need to be ready to build your site.

remember to keep the site simple. The site is your online store, so be sure to be friendly to customers. You have less than 10 seconds to attract him (her) before the visitor leaves the site. The following points need your attention:

1) the use of simple style, such as the use of italics. >

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