The origin of double 11 story from 50 million to 57 billion 100 million

The origin of

11: the story behind the story from 50 million to 57 billion 100 million

once a year the double 11 will be kicked off, cut the hand of the party is ready for the shopping cart and wallet, ready for the shopping online shopping once a year.

11 as a holiday was created, with a period of 6 years, from the initial Taobao mall promotion day, became the Chinese characteristics of electricity supplier carnival.

Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong in this year’s Alibaba 11 strategic Conference on the dual origin of the:

"5 years ago, at that time called Taobao mall, businesses are not so large, didn’t know there was a day when Zhang Hezhang’s team, the initial idea is to let consumers every year to have a good time to do online shopping festival. In 2009, Taobao mall in ’11’, two hit singles: advertising and marketing (November 11th) have nothing to do, that day will buy something to give as a gift. Why is the election in November, because the season changes fast, the north south into the late autumn, in winter, people need to buy extra things, such as clothes, quilts are for thick, even slippers have replaced cotton mop. At the same time, in November there is no big festival, in October there is a golden week, there are Christmas in December, are relatively large consumer festival class point, this test the water, the effect is obvious, dug a strong domestic demand."

Alibaba 11 sales review

2009 so far, double 11 has gone to the first of the year, from the initial sales of $50 million, to last year’s 57 billion 100 million, to achieve a thousand times the growth of music, double the experience of how the transformation of the two of us, we look back at the same time, the 11 of the total number of dollars in the past two years.

2009: 50 million yuan

at the time, Taobao mall trading 50 million yuan, only 27 brands in store sales, the highest record is JACK&JONES 5 million.

2010: 936 million yuan

in 2010 China’s online shopping market and electricity supplier industry has shown strong development momentum. IResearch latest statistics show that in 2010 China’s online shopping market transactions reached 461 billion yuan, an increase of more than in 2009, accounting for the proportion of China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 3.2%.

in the electricity supplier and the rapid rise in the overall context of online shopping, November 11, 2010 Taobao mall sales also increased significantly, up to 936 million, an increase of 1772% over the year, Hongkong day retail sales, an average of more than 20 thousand yuan per transaction, 2 stores over 20 million, 11 stores spread over ten million, 20 stores in 5 million. A total of 181 stores over millions of Taobao grew up in the Amoy brand have a total turnover of billions of dollars, of which 28 millions.

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