Jingdong drying WeChat shopping record HUAWE glory day to sell 150 thousand

news August 8th, the day before the Jingdong to billion state power network introduces part of the sales of WeChat shopping entrance. According to its introduction, HUAWEI glory in the first day of the 6 Jingdong WeChat shopping sold 150 thousand, ZTE Nubia Z7 made 1 million 30 thousand booking.

Jingdong aspects, these two products were released in the WeChat shopping entrance of the new discovery and brand column. According to its disclosure, Jingdong WeChat shopping users for the price sensitivity is relatively low, and more attention to the product’s fun".

previously, sales data Jingdong had billion state power network to provide network brand Korean clothing care. According to its sources, in June 4th the same day, the Korean homes have a hot dress a single product sales reached 400. Originally in May, WeChat ‘select goods’ entrance, the Korean homes have 5 days of sales of clothing is $about 500000, and after the opening of the entrance of Jingdong WeChat, its daily sales of more than 500 thousand."

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