The United States in addition to the black Friday and Monday chop hand specializing in online shoppi

Chinese hand chop Festival "double eleven" just after the turn, the other side of the United States people’s restless hands. Our carnival on the "black Friday" shopping frenzy has been heard. But you know, in addition to the "black Friday", teasing us consumers of the nerve, and chop hand Monday".

"chop hand Monday" was originally called "Cyber Monday", in order to maintain the "black five" after the electricity supplier shopping enthusiasm, developed the "chop" the supplier of promotional activities. The word "Cyber" as the "helmsman" meaning in Greek, so Cyber Monday was nicknamed "according to euphony chop hands Monday".

actually "black five" and no news on the screen so exaggerated, as people return to family life, as well as online shopping and logistics channels gradually mature, people often in the Thanksgiving holiday with the family warm through, people panic buying choice under the line gradually reduced. According to the preliminary analysis of the store RetailNext company data show that black five store traffic fell nearly 11%, the decline in sales of more than 10%. The shopping channel transfer from offline to online business, while the peak sales of electricity supplier will appear after the "chop hands Monday".

especially large white this refrigerator washing machine, many consumers will choose to buy convenience online, door-to-door, is one of the focus on promotion of hand chop Monday, many categories will be more attractive appearance of special offer.

rarely in the refrigerator and domestic U.S. sales of the same paragraph, but by comparing prices of similar types of refrigerator, can still feel the "preferential chop" guards.

Samsung to the top of the refrigerator as an example. 27.8 cubic feet with ice making machine (787L) of the cross on the door for the original price of Samsung refrigerator $3554.99 (about 24530 yuan) "chop" during the sales price of $2499.99 (about 17250 yuan), but also with domestic ice making machine 632L cross on the refrigerator door price is 26599 yuan rmb. Capacity reduced by 150L, but the price is 9349 yuan. Although there may be differences in the configuration and capacity of false, but enough to "chop" promotion visible strong.


the United States has a large population of families, and because of fast food culture, often buy large capacity family food, the larger the volume of the refrigerator requirements. Best buy (Best Buy) on the promotion of the mainstream refrigerator volume is 25 cubic feet (about 708L), and the large domestic refrigerator for more than 400L to about 500L, the 700L super large refrigerator in the residential area of relatively small domestic is still relatively rare. In addition, because the drinks and beer intake of diet, the United States has large refrigerator ice making machine in this configuration, like hot drinks Chinese is relatively rare.

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