Experience sharing how to do Taobao store new year promotions

the new year has come, for our Taobao stores, sales promotion will come the opportunity. We are faced with the problem, for example, how to make innovative promotional activities, there are tens of thousands of stores in popularity? Taobao mall, every store is tens of thousands of goods, how do you ensure that your goods are search to user


of course, taobao.com has Taobao passenger train, diamond booth and other promotional channels, but for most stores, this propaganda cost is too high. In addition, you let the user into your shop, but the price of goods and services, not what advantages, the final effect is not very good, after all the buyers to buy your baby, your propaganda effect is reached, otherwise, you are doing.

so, how to allow buyers to buy your baby? In fact, we can think, if you are a buyer, you want to buy is high quality and inexpensive things, right? The baby quality is almost the same situation, you can from the service, from the price promotions. For example, many buyers are now quite like the seller shipping, so that you can reach the number of buyers to buy the amount of baby or baby, the amount can be shipping, incidentally also sell other baby in your store, potential buyers demand.

for the majority of stores, do Kung Fu in the price, the most direct way is to discount prices, or special offer processing. Although these methods have certain effect to attract users, but with the way the store more, then you do not what promotional effect. What’s more, you are just digging new customers, but in fact, the cost of maintaining old customers is much lower than for new customers.

has done a diamond crown, Taobao stores are very clear, the importance of maintaining relationships with old customers. For example, for those old customers, the store will sometimes give price concessions, or small gifts. Of course, now more popular is sent to the consumer price card, like Taobao red network that the real card coupon is valid for six times the virtual coupons, buyers get the card, ready for consumption, do not worry about the problem of the expired coupons, very popular. For our stores, those cards can not only maintain our relationship with old customers, also can do publicity, we store the image for


looked so much, you should have a lot of ideas, then, put your ideas to say, but also to open your Taobao store experience to take out, let us share, the shop do better!

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