Sina micro-blog WeChat and Tencent with water and electricity provider who matched


Tencent in less than two years with over 200 million users, but only three years Sina micro-blog users have 400 million, such a ratio, Sina micro-blog user growth in more than WeChat users, but micro-blog has not achieve their commercial value, like WeChat, micro-blog and Sina now realized to follow the pace of WeChat, water and electricity provider. According to the latest news, Sina micro-blog to millet, through mobile phone channels, to guide the user to open the micro-blog wallet way for online booking, payment, shopping to panic buying trying to change from the electricity supplier advertising model to "trading business model". Bound in Sina micro-blog and Tencent micro-blog will be filled with a running out, then who can fight


mobile phone client function is not the same

communication software in today’s market, people must compare love instant communication mode, and the Tencent WeChat in this respect do quite conforms to the people, as long as you in your mobile phone installed on a suitable version of WeChat, in any place, can voice or text messages to your friends, but also don’t take communication fee, consume flow. Flow to us now, China Unicom mobile traffic package is still very cost-effective, WeChat this is especially beneficial between across regions, the phone is very expensive, but the use of WeChat, can hear each other’s voice, also don’t spend what money. It can achieve free video dialogue. Tencent also QQ and WeChat together, landing WeChat, the same can receive QQ news, which explains why WeChat can have so many customers in such a short time. This is why Tencent will use WeChat to test the electricity supplier.

and Sina micro-blog mobile terminal can only achieve some of the basic functions, published mood, interact with the fans, but there is no direct WeChat can show. At the same time does not support push message function, apparently no WeChat so instant, which greatly reduces the user to use micro-blog. Visible Tencent WeChat in the user is taking the initiative to seize the opportunity.

payment platform to improve the degree of different

now Sina and micro-blog busi millet cooperation itself may want to use millet hot, because Rice noodles or a lot, through the cooperation with millet, can bring a lot of customers. But Sina micro-blog is only responsible for booking, online payment, panic buying links, arguably trading links, Sina overall, still can let Sina preliminary test the water tasted the sweetness of. But Sina but because the electricity supplier on the line, but not perfect payment. Now only out of the micro-blog wallet, but because people are not familiar with, and led to a lot of rice in the choice of payment, do not know how to use micro-blog wallet. And in such a hot Rice noodles offensive, but also appeared downtime phenomenon, the electricity supplier, is wrong and should not have happened. And at the time of payment, there is no reasonable hint, so that users do not know can choose other payment methods.

although Tencent’s current WeChat license problem, but phase

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