Start Chinese network enabled Pinyin domain name

start Chinese network enabled domain name, verified by the friends of the field, it is indeed a new starting point, with the, two pages to enable the sub surface. was originally yaojinbo all domain name.

The predecessor of Chinese starting point network

was founded in May 2003 as the starting point of original literary Association (Chinese Magic Fantasy Union), and the cultivation of long-term commitment to the author’s original literature, and to promote the original cause of Chinese literature for development purposes, in creating a new model of online reading that electronic publishing in October 2003 as an opportunity.

after four years of hard work and struggle, in love with the author of numerous starting point users concerned, as the starting point is one of the largest literature reading and writing platform, has become the leading domestic original literature portal, and founded "the starting point Chinese" as the representative of the original literature leading brands, establish online electronic publishing mechanism the creation, training, improve the sales as one of the outstanding literary works, become the domestic online publishing platform, and establish a leadership position in the industry influential industry. The starting point of the Chinese network in the future will continue to build the purpose of the site for the development of the core, for the establishment of a leading cultural brand and struggle.

feel beyond the self, the limits of the imagination – this slogan has been experience is the starting point of many fantasy, magic, martial arts, in the novel the author’s creation goal, rigorous writing attitude, perseverance and innovative ideas, modify and direct communication book, which has many domestic worldcn starting point in a first-class original works, to make friends the author read books in the first time serial works.

from Online to Offline starting point, Chinese Netcom had accumulated for a long time, there is a close relationship between the domestic and Hong Kong and Taiwan, the professional press, can timely publication of contributions and dynamic viewpoint, it can help a lot of the direction of the publication of the original author to find satisfactory, and a large number of brand licensing and Self Publishing development.

version of the opening test starting point, broad support for the books, we received a lot of valuable comments and suggestions, the first to thank you for your enthusiastic participation, starting point will provide a better service for everyone. According to the collected and collection of opinions and suggestions, we on the basis of the first edition of the new version of the site, the data modification and adjustment greatly, in the overall color, website design style, page layout, function coordination and many other aspects have made a big change and ascension. Now the starting point of the new website open the second round of open beta, welcome friends to continue to participate in the test for BUG recommendations for the construction of our hearts reading home together!

Test Description: the new test does not affect the use of the old site function, all the old site features, can still be used in the old site.

old version of the following functions >

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