Well, this is not you!

        last year I was in a network that agent registered a domain name, as a website, whether it is Alexa or ranking PR value are doing very successful, this time I think the safety of my domain name. Think about it, to join the small agents of the site closed down, then my domain name how to do? I ask the webmaster, he said the domain name system management can be unified to network, I went to see, okay. But if I renew it? All of a sudden a series of problems come out, think about the real regret, really should not be a cheap agent in this small registration. I would like to turn out the domain name, asked the agent, he sent an address over, let me look at the transfer process, oh! I have to fill out a certificate and send it to the network, there are a series of complex process, halo ah. I go to the search engine search on the network from out of domain name, the ten results are nine is said to be from out of domain name nets is not possible, @# $# $%…… & the head is going to explode. Finally decided to give up the domain name.

            now I registered a lot of domain names are registered in the name, because in the "management transactions are convenient.

            I want to say you are not the host domain name civilink, boss!

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