Honey bud CEO Liu Nan the concept of internationalization of maternal child care to lead the upgrade

recently, a domestic public welfare organization in its micro-blog forwarded a breastfeeding mother in the subway photos, saying she was naked organs". This statement has been issued immediately triggering criticism. Then someone micro-blog apologized. The incident also sparked a public opinion on the concept of popular parenting, careful analysis is not difficult to find, behind the fact that the user is accused of differences in parenting debate. Reporters interviewed the well-known mother and child electricity supplier honey bud CE0 Liu Nan, but also a young mother after 80, to listen to her views.

two-child policy trigger parenting ideas and then upgrade

Liu Nan believes that the subway breastfeeding incident behind, reflecting a social problem, that is, the concept of parenting needs to be upgraded. The second child after opening, Chinese pay more and more attention to the growth of children and related peripheral products. Because in recent years, China’s new rate ranked second in the world, ranking first in India. However, China is expected to increase to the same level as India next year.

"in fact, the four or five line of the city Chinese family for a second child willingness is higher than a second tier city. Data show that the number of births per day in China accounted for 12% of the world. Huge crowd, will inevitably need more social resources tilt. At the same time, not only for children to give birth to children’s consumption, but also pulled the trigger household consumption. Because the birth of the child is bound to promote the upgrading of household consumption, household consumption is to upgrade the social concept behind the upgrade. As China’s maternal and child electricity supplier, honey bud has the obligation to help people to build a healthy family consumption ecology, advocacy community is more concerned about maternal and child population, Liu Nan said.

has 80 90 international education children are required to change the concept of social outlook,

at the moment, the age of Chinese newborn parents mainly concentrated in the 80 and 90. In this age of young parents, because every day watching TV, eating Western-style food, search is the global information, so the biggest feature is the concept of globalization, parenting is the performance of "don’t listen to my life". Even if you hear the experience of others, will certainly go online search. At the same time, its international concept of parenting is bound to lead to the internationalization of the choice of childcare products. This point, the user from the honey bud was a good proof: according to 2014 statistics show that 90% of the honey bud users are concentrated in a second tier cities. And in 2015, the proportion of honey bud to 345 tier cities sink far exceeded expectations, it is not difficult to find that the three or four lines of young parents also want their children to use the best products in the world". From this point of view, 8090 of the parents have already become the concept of internationalization, the whole society needs to change the concept.

recommends breastfeeding more room for breastfeeding mothers

when talking about metro breastfeeding event, Liu Nan believes that even in the dissemination of civilization, should not infringe the privacy of others. Especially in the era of the Internet, a casual move, perhaps to the parties

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