O2O waves under media predators floating O2O

recently, the large-scale launch "the love" campaign ads in the national each big city building elevator advertising screen, many industry insiders believe that this year’s Valentine’s Day is the start again listed prelude, but also took the opportunity to convey a new image of the market 2.

from the investment scale, Jiangnanchun indeed attaches great importance to this activity, to the point of view, plays an important role in this activity, because the new cognition is directly related to the industry focus, and the second half of the year listed again to promote the progress of

according to the position of the spring, in 2014 after the transformation, no longer regard themselves as pure traditional media companies, data marketing company but has LBS+O2O service ability, the construction of public buildings behind advertising has many database application, the focus moved to big data, put in effect than traditional offline advertising more accurate. Jason Jiang believes that in the mobile Internet era, people can connect with all online mobile phone client, is the location of the O2O media interactive communication platform based on spatial coordinates in the mobile network infrastructure, but also with all clients can interact.

this, the public did a lot of attempts. In the second half of last year, after the elevator advertising screen to join the WiFi hotspot, the focus of cooperation with the 360 client lottery treasure, hungry, Mengniu and other enterprises to provide interactive marketing services. In addition, at the end of the pilot in Shenzhen to become WeChat partners, iBeacon hardware facilities have been installed for the building screen, when users use WeChat shake in the elevator, available nearby businesses push envelopes and coupons etc..

in the traditional building elevator advertising age, elevator advertising only display advertising, businesses can not interact with the user, nor through advertising directly transformed into the O2O era, Jason Jiang began to try to lead the focus shift, tentatively opened the door to the O2O media, which began to focus advertising with vitality, more sexy.

Valentine’s Day approaching, Jason Jiang would give up advertising revenue to 50 million buildings around the holiday to the user can focus a whoop and a holler, to feel more intuitive change of focus. Valentine’s day all removed all advertisements, all day long is open to the user, the user’s declaration of love playing barrage.

to the most popular holiday drive brand exposure, transfer transformation is essentially the market rally again. There are rumors of the current valuation will break 100 billion, behind such a high valuation needs to have more people in the story, this field dominated by users rather than leading customers of Valentine’s Day "the city of love" is just the beginning of this story. The news from the inside, "the love" activities in the amount of up to 1 million 500 thousand times, creating a world record, or it can provide a success story for the pre ipo.

in the O2O wave, the traditional companies have started to use the concept of the O2O, the east wind blown to the already traditional media, the media will set off the first transformation or O>

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