Speaking from the domestic bookshelf guess profitable ideas at home

see today at shelf line. Wang Xing is the first to associate the day after the commission can do excellent.

direct selling: MaryKay, AVON, I really hate it, but someone made it. Some people are crazy.

market will never be saturated, saturated only your thoughts. Of course, the market will never be saturated for the purpose of China’s national conditions, foreign does not apply. China’s 1 billion 400 million population, you have to firmly remember the base!

Guo Degang said, Chinese place, you change a comic place, slowly Mongolia to chant, how is life ah. Looking back, always want to try to innovate strategy, but do not understand the tactics, that is the problem.

I absolutely believe that there is a small camp of people who do not communicate, do not show up, do not invest. Do unconventional play, do the most simple things, make the most money. Tactics are tactical, profit model is the traditional strategic. Strategic significance is never changed, lack of tactical change in time.

hao123 and watercress practice is the most simple, the most conventional, but also the most practical.

bean do excellence Commission, with book reviews, critics, group. This is the form of expression.


method is discussed and the expansion of popular film reviews.

You don’t say

but the idea is certainly seen accidentally, is also a kind of luck, the strength of the


a lot of recent network miracle. Today, 150 million people. How many elite.


, not more than 30 million, the rest of you, all rookie ah, so happy net fire. Although people are playing the technical framework, but, there is no so-called hao123 miracle mode in it?.

so Wang might want to find a profit point than happy.

but you are IT domestic circle of people ah. IT how many people ah. Some people do not rule out the use of your ideas.

but they want to do a good job to consider: excellent to money, when to give, how much commission, I would like to earn how much, how much traffic to achieve my expectations. Will not do well, others follow suit, or excellence does not give money.

again or not, excellence is not going to do this service soon.

this is that we are very immature ideas, to determine the feasibility of the standard behavior.

this standard I believe that Li Xingping did not understand, do not understand the Arab North bean boss, tried, sweet, money! Other people, struggling, jealous, opportunistic, research, consideration, toss, then a silly X. Start thinking: if you want to. How are we now.

domestic shelves, is close to

!Where is the

population? How to improve the conversion rate of


achieve word of mouth, event marketing, relationship marketing

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