The winter of e-commerce has come, but the spring seems far away


staking era, not only in the smart phone industry, e-commerce is also the same. If the total amount of transactions to calculate, China’s e-commerce penetration rate of not more than 5%, a few electricity providers are trying to open up and compete for the remaining 95% of the market. However, they are now seems to have only come up with the price killer, if thousands of intelligent mobile phone and money, so the electricity supplier price war can only be said to be a pure loss burning game.

has a large number of group purchase website A rout is like a landslide., plus Chinese stocks fell on the Nasdaq, a serious blow to the confidence of venture capital, the electricity supplier industry fengshengheli. Even in the harsh environment, electricity supplier is constantly vomiting blood, from the May Day holiday, the Mid Autumn Festival, singles, to the end of "double egg" promotion, Jingdong, Suning, Taobao and so many sellers without "out of the coffin". The courier warehouse explosion, Zhangshengyipian, electricity cost is stressed. Although the winter has come, but "spring" seems far away.

No.1 October siege

small sellers siege Taobao, improve service fees new abortion

at the beginning of October, Taobao mall announced the implementation of the new regulations, the "service fee" from thousands of yuan to a maximum of 200 thousand yuan. After tens of thousands of small sellers have been forced to say "no", and "rights alliance", for a long time to attack Taobao mall big sellers, in order to intimidate Taobao to abandon the "new regulations".

siege period, including the European Union, South Korea are clothes homes, wine, and other products are still a large number of sellers in Shenzhen malicious auction, the majority of goods shelves, operation was stagnant. In mid October, the Ministry of commerce under the mediation of the original seller Taobao Mall to suspend the implementation of new regulations, the "civil strife" basically resolved, Taobao "October besieged city" has become this year the field of electronic commerce is one of the most popular keyword. In fact, Taobao to improve the technical service fee is just a fuse, this contest is a contradiction in the unfair distribution of internal resources Taobao outbreak. Because the seller has to "train" means, seize the Taobao Limited advertising position, so that funds are not sufficient for small sellers "never feel the light of day". Taobao to increase service charges seems more like to put small sellers "kick off", triggering a small sellers nerve.

, however, small sellers siege approach has not been the market or industry sympathy. Because Taobao has just started, there are a large number of sellers selling fake and shoddy products, the reason why Taobao set up a mall, is to open the distance with the market, to ensure the quality of goods, services, etc.. As the saying goes, long pain is not as short as pain, stir up small sellers siege, for Taobao, just short pain". The big seller was attacked Shenzhen, and some have begun to seek a new round of financing plan.

No.2 winter

buy site was too prosperous, it turned black?

website group purchase layoffs or collapse one after another.

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