2010 is a key year for the development of B2C e-commerce in China

the flight of time, Time flies like a shuttle. Unconsciously, e-commerce has gone through twelve years in China, the first round of the development of e-commerce in China successfully completed the curtain. 2010, China’s e-commerce has opened a prelude to a new cycle……

Since December 1997 the first

China vertical B2B e-commerce website "Chinese chemical network" (English version) on the line so far, imperceptibly has gone through twelve years, China e-commerce development in the first cycle successfully concluded. In May 1999, "China first" electronic commerce "8848" wade Wang Juntao founded the electronic commerce, and in the same year financing $2 million 600 thousand, marking the birth China first B2C electronic commerce website. 2010 is the beginning of the development of e-commerce in China, but also a key year for the development of China’s B2C e-commerce.

typical B2C website: shoes shoes network

is a network of shoes to build China’s leading B2C shoes mall business, the company was formally launched on October 1, 2007 and operations. Making shoes is a B2C electronic commerce website features focused on selling brand of footwear products, after three years of development, now has Nike, Adidas, Kappa, Lining, Anta, XTEP, xdlong and other more than and 150 brands of footwear products, including sports shoes, casual shoes, shoes, shoes and other functional styles. The rapid development of making shoes, opened a retail e-commerce network go forward with great strength and vigour of the era of shoes. Shoes network plan in the next 5 years, to build a large scale of a large number of professional footwear online shopping platform.

shoes shoes network CEO Wang Jiancong said: 2010 is a key year for the development of China’s B2C e-commerce, but also the development of the most critical shoe shoe network year."

reporters from making shoes press center was informed that in April 29th, making shoes the first chain mall entities in the grand opening of Shishi, scheduled for 2010 in Fujian province and major city opened 50 "making shoes chain mall entities". June 3rd, shoes shoes network QQ mall formally launched. Under the development of a variety of sales channels to sell shoes under the cable line, is to meet the development trend of online e-commerce platform and the integration of the entity platform under the line.

e-commerce and the main business model

: Electronic Commerce (Electronic Commerce) is a new type of economic activity on the Internet, the Internet, radio and television networks and telecommunications networks and other electronic information network production, circulation and consumption activities based on, in order to achieve the electronic, digital and networking of the whole business process, not just Internet transactions or circulation mode based on model.

business model: Business Model refers to a complete product, service and information flow system, including each participant and in which play a role, as well as the potential benefits of each participant and the corresponding return >

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