Breakthrough in foreign trade a new model of e-commerce

today’s B2B e-commerce international trade seems to have become a global resource, Alibaba, Ebay three points when the world, alternative search – Search +B2B model of rapid growth.

in this opportunity, along with the commercial value of the search engine highlights, manufacturers compete for this is also a rapid warming. Faced with a variety of new products, new technologies emerge in an endless stream, how to grasp and continue to innovate this new model of network marketing has become the industry chain on the key to seize the future business opportunities.


search market A new force suddenly rises.

financial crisis in the field of e-commerce to attract more and more companies look. According to IDC data show that in 2008 China’s e-commerce spending alone amounted to $286 billion 100 million. Among them, the B2B market is based on its low-cost advantages stand out.

iResearch consulting statistics found that in 2008 China’s B2B e-commerce market transactions amounted to 2 trillion and 960 billion yuan, an increase of 39.4%. This business does not allow manufacturers to give up to continue to move forward. Because with the search engine has become an essential tool on the Internet, and the user is more professional, more timely demand increases, comprehensive search engine is obviously inadequate, professional B2B precision search will emerge as the times require. How to understand the search engine, with the least amount of money to maximize the search engine marketing, B2B market has become the key to access to greater business opportunities.

search engine marketing in many of the means of network marketing, with low barriers to entry, the effect of direct and other advantages. For today’s corporate website, 61% of the traffic is usually from the search engine. Can you make your site link in the search engine search results, related to, is the success or failure of the site. Therefore, with the rapid increase of China’s Internet penetration of small and medium enterprises, the search engine market to attract more businesses is not surprising.

B2B+ search mode came into being

essentially, "B2B+ search" the electronic commerce mode is a definition of the B2B from the search area, from the field of Electronic Commerce Division of its focus on B2B search search attribute, unique blend of B2B and the concept of search, is based on the full understanding of industry trends and user needs on the subdivision the most effective and accurate information. Moreover, these users are still the most accurate target users to provide trading information of the user, only to maximize and enhance the user experience, the search engine can be the most accurate transaction.

this, model innovation and diversification of network marketing strategy can not be less. Right now, the third party B2B e-commerce platform operators are adjusting business strategy. On the one hand down the cost of membership to expand the scale of paid users, on the other hand to increase cooperation with banks, high-tech enterprises and traditional industries, traditional companies do industry website has become a trend.

now in the field of B2B E-commerce

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