Online shopping malls and online stores on Wangfujing basically equivalent

daily news (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) after nearly two years of preparation, at the Wangfujing department store’s business platform online shopping mall on the front of Wangfujing. Compared with the previously published net, Seth spring entity Parkson Department store business platform, Wangfujing mall was seen as more electricity providers who work down to earth ". The industry believes that, as a leader in the field of domestic traditional retail, Wangfujing department store opened a large amount of money for the industry has a certain model significance.

reporter yesterday to log on to the mall to see the Wangfujing, the site has on-line beauty, men and women clothing, shoes, jewelry, jewelry accessories, outdoor sports, home life and other categories. From the brand perspective, in addition to the Wangfujing department store the original brand resources, including the origin, essential oils, diamond bird AFU brand on the Internet, "Vitoria’s Secret" has not yet entered the Beijing store brands have settled in the mall. According to the Wangfujing department store, the online shopping mall on Wangfujing target group for young fashion and white-collar workers. Electricity supplier in the brand choice is more inclined to the choice of online shopping consumers, in addition to GUCCI, BURBERRY, PRADA and other international well-known brands, the main categories are popular consumer fashion brands, customer price is lower than the physical store. Daily economic news reporter noted that the sale of goods in the Wangfujing mall and the store has some overlap, the price is basically the same.

compared with other physical department store’s electricity supplier platform, Wangfujing department store began to try to use electricity providers do electricity supplier. Wangfujing online store did not choose the way of delivery, but the third party logistics. Currently, the site has been opened in North Canton and other places of payment, which can also be achieved in Beijing POS machine credit card payment. Moreover, Wangfujing mall in technology has been improved, such as the search bar, commodity classification and evaluation; in marketing, micro-blog, WeChat enabled Wangfujing department store and other means in the first round of marketing, in the industry view, this is also one of the progress of Physical Department business.

compared with the pure electricity supplier, has a wealth of high quality brand resources is a big advantage of traditional retail, online shopping for consumers but also value the price level, electronic business platform is still a lack of competitiveness of domestic traditional retail giant’s. Previously, the product positioning high Parkson network, resulting in commercial shaorenwenjin. Spring in the high-end line of Dorset only lasted less than half a year, because the transition into the operating pressure of SciTech outlets official shop.

electricity supplier in the view, the traditional retail giant "net" to occupy the market quickly, also need to further change ideas. At present, the traditional retail giant electricity supplier is doing the best and intime network, is the price competitiveness in an important position. In contrast, the blind pursuit of high-end positioning of the Parkson network and revision before the spring Seth and other electricity providers, are able to escape No one shows any interest in the embarrassing situation."

reporter yesterday with a number of large B2C electricity supplier found that the price of goods online Wangfujing mall is still a gap. As the industry giants, many of the peers want Wangfujing department store to explore a traditional retail

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