Refinancing $3 billion 300 million, and Groupon has a world of difference s.

in January 2016 18, a number of media broke the news group public comments received a new $3 billion 300 million round of financing, financing of the new company will exceed $18 billion valuation. The financing also hit the highest record of the amount of private equity financing in the domestic Internet industry, but also the world’s largest O2O financing projects.

had been a big news he has completed the $2 billion 800 million financing, it seems the rumors are not true, the official announcement of the new financing is $3 billion 300 million, which shows the capital market for the new look. Compared with the United States but shortly before the group purchase originator Groupon announced layoffs of about 1100 people, and withdrew from America, South Asia, northern Europe and other international markets, the market value has plummeted, now only $1 billion 800 million, and the new China has not on an order of magnitude.

are in the same group purchase started to enter the O2O and Groupon of the US, why is so neglected, and can get a big favor in the new capital of winter? A another dreary rash and too much in haste, sadness and excitement, intersection, the reason, the existing environment is different, and different development platform.

environment, O2O

is a world of difference between China and the United States

from the current development situation of China and the United States O2O, we can see that there are too many differences between China and the United States O2O. Despite the winter capital, but the market still has a lot of Chinese O2O platform by capital sought, and the U.S. market O2O is the common cold, Liu Kuang believes that the different circumstances and the new Groupon is mainly affected by the following four major environmental factors.

1, policy support for different

refers to what is the difference between China and the United States in the policy environment is the easiest to see O2O. In China, the State Council put forward a comprehensive Internet plus, to emerging consumer online and offline interaction is booming, and issued a document must support the O2O industry status. It is also driven by the government, China’s O2O set off a wave of entrepreneurship, and O2O related consumer spending has also been recognized by consumers. According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce statistics, the first half of this year, China’s O2O market size has reached 304 billion 940 million yuan, an increase of up to 80%. U.S. mission review in 2015 to achieve rapid growth in the scale of consumption and the role of the government is also closely related.

contrast, the United States O2O not only government policies without too much support, even the U.S. capital market for O2O is very bad, it is not hard to imagine why American Groupon market had declined. Most of the time, many consumers in the United States will not go through the Groupon platform to the line to experience consumption.

2, the size of the market space

mentioned O2O market space, we may think of the population. China has a large population and a population base of more than 4 times that of the United States

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