Taobao allows massive sellers to find a way to survive


with sales of 35 billion yuan for the "double 11" ending, followed for "double 12" activities for preheating. On President Zhang Yu’s eyes, for up to two weeks for "double 12" activity is not like "double 11" on the sales of products, but to create the Taobao ecosystem health and safety, help the many small and beautiful Taobao sellers to find their own way of life.

highlight the long tail advantage

last year, "double 12" will be the theme of the location is not the same Amoy, highlighting the personality of Taobao this year, "universal Taobao" theme highlights the advantages of the long tail. Zhang Yu said that this is the hope that more small sellers in Taobao to tap their potential development space.

in the "game" design link, in the shopping cart is arranged in the directional marketing, shopping, shopping scene prediction, red fission, free single alliance based on large data base based services become a new game for Taobao this year for sellers and consumers. Taobao to provide data, tools, so that the seller has more channels to reach their potential users, so that the intentions of consumers can get a fair opportunity to sell the consumer." Zhang Yu believes that the double 11 to stimulate the consumer’s spending power, has brought huge sales, and double 12 different, shopping is only part of it, not to sales for the purpose of the event.

in the industry view, the development of new habits of users, Ali is a new development target for Taobao, which will be reflected in the double 12 activities.

ban WeChat does not affect traffic

Alibaba and Tencent (441.4, 4.40, 1.01%, real-time quotes) competition has been the industry’s attention. The day before, Taobao ordered a full ban by WeChat into the link, the user clicks on the link will be drawn to the Taobao mobile phone download page; at the same time, WeChat also banned the Taobao marketing account.

for the increasingly intense "Ah Q" (ALI and Tencent) war, Zhang Yu responded that this is because Taobao has received complaints from users click on WeChat Taobao mobile phone link account theft phenomenon, and the reason for shutting down by WeChat is introducing flow of Alibaba "safety and sincerity" to defend the bottom line. Zhang Yu also said that the flow of WeChat is very low, and will not have a greater impact on Taobao’s marketing.

although Tencent has said that Taobao’s ban acts hurt the user experience, but Zhang Yu believes that WeChat’s environment is not safe, can only choose to close. When the environment is safe enough, Taobao can also open WeChat channel".

Taobao entrepreneurial difficulty increased by


on the number of sellers registered more than 700 million, how to make the mass of sellers in the Taobao platform, healthy growth, has become one of the development goals of the next Taobao. Data show that Taobao this year, the new shop sellers grew by about 50% compared with last year, while the new seller into

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