Five years of e-commerce logistics planning will be implemented in the implementation of the top six

23, the Ministry of Commerce, development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of transportation and other 6 ministries issued the "national e-commerce logistics development plan (2016-2020)", pointed out that with the transformation and upgrading of the national economy, the electricity supplier logistics demand will maintain rapid growth, the channel sink and "going out" to highlight trends, will enter a new stage of comprehensive social production and service people’s life. By 2020, to basically form a perfect layout, structural optimization, powerful, efficient operation, quality service, the electricity supplier logistics system, information technology, standardization, intensive development to make significant progress.

"plan" pointed out that in the 5 years to 2020, will improve the cross sectoral, cross sectoral, cross regional collaborative work mechanism. Overall current and long-term, national and regional, urban and rural, international and domestic electricity supplier logistics system. Focus on electricity supplier logistics information, standardization, intensive and other key areas and weak links to achieve key breakthroughs. And strengthen the transportation, storage, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, distribution processing, distribution, information services and other aspects of the organic connection.

Institute of Commerce researcher Bai Ming on the Economic Information Daily reporters, said the development of e-commerce has become China’s foreign trade and consumption of new engines, new power. The introduction of planning at the same time, it should be said that in order to make e-commerce this new driving carriage Dora run to the "carriage" paved the way.

data show that in 2015, China’s e-commerce transaction volume is expected to be 20 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of about 27%. National online retail transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 880 billion yuan, an increase of 33.3%, of which physical goods online retail sales of $32424 billion, an increase of 31.6%. 2015, the national courier service business volume totaled 20 billion 670 million, an increase of 48%, of which about 70% is due to the volume of domestic e-commerce generated courier.

it is worth mentioning that standardization, intensive, information is an important direction of reform in the field of circulation. Zheng Wen, Secretary of the Ministry of commerce circulation development, pointed out that in order to standardize, for example, the level of standardization of China’s logistics industry is still relatively low, with international standards, which restricts the improvement of the overall service level.

therefore, the "planning" pointed out that the exploration of "industrial park and logistics park" integrated development mode, strengthen the seamless intercity transportation and city distribution, promote warehouse with the integration and development of joint distribution, multimodal transport, transport, standard circular tray share efficient logistics system. At the same time, improve the level of e-commerce logistics standardization, information technology development, intensive construction, and to support the electricity supplier logistics enterprises to small cities and rural extension service network.

Ministry of Commerce last year in conjunction with the national standards committee, the Ministry of Finance in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta to select some cities to carry out standardized pilot. Start from the tray standardization, trying to promote the standardization of storage facilities and transport facilities. From the point of view of propulsion, whether it is the effect of loading and unloading of goods or labor savings, cost reduction

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