Eight feasible suggestions for creating a strong brand of e-commerce

recently in pink net OA made up of a small survey, the results of the more than and 300 need to mention the brand that is recognized by the following


BtoC class of mall of excellence, Dangdang, Jingdong, items such as makeup, Martha Marceau, Eric

class CtoC Taobao, ah

class BtoB Alibaba

payment of the Alipay

and many colleagues believe that there are a number of brands is high visibility, low awareness, belong to know the kind of


you can have the benefits of a brand:

has more pricing power, the right to speak, you can get more investment, you can build a larger enterprise, you can expand your career to more profitable industry.

so in the present stage, the electricity supplier can try, using the following ways to build your brand:

1, special expectations: to find the things you buy a group of the most monitoring data from you, see if they are in the area Chinese, then check out the local local customs and practices, telephone visit, ask them in addition to price, what do you expect the product, and then to do special one or several activities, this topic to join you to "expect", through this project, and this way, you can build your target audience love way, and in this way to attract more people to buy your stuff, and agree with your brand, your brand trust


2, with some seductive texture products selling pictures on your website home page, which can be downloaded when the desktop, and then a monitoring download, from which to find your target group "focus" of concern, applied to your advertising material, to attract more love people, shaping consumer brand image, and not to force consumers to accept your image, and the friends almost have both insisted, and compromise


, 3 patent applications: from product, material, service details, operation mode, creative advertising, distribution and so on many aspects to find your own "patent" or "patent portfolio", and then apply for the protection of intellectual property rights and patents, and then published on your website, and make the sign in your product packaging and let the consumer "surprise" is a simple way to remember your brand;

4, consumer photo: find the typical characters from your customers, and invite them to do for your product model, for he took a group of high-quality personal portrait, and you are in the photo is the main supporting role, it must be a group photo, let a person on behalf of your brand is too dangerous.

5, the creation of privileges: for your loyal consumers to meet, travel, entertainment, and show to the new consumer, this privilege, for consumers, the privilege = exclusive

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