n fact, e-commerce = cheap + integrity

has been in the care of many webmaster experience of layout of the user, but it ignores the most important point: there is no thought of what users want, how to buy, how to make customers feel satisfied to buy. In fact, e-commerce = cheap + integrity. This is the most fundamental, the other is empty talk.

take my own shopping experience, the mainstream B2C sites have taken into account the user experience this point. The last time I bought a camera and help colleagues to buy two mobile phone, before the Jingdong, Newegg, see the. Say my experience.

1, Jingdong

advantages: Jingdong found the most detailed product description, the most reasonable layout. Good reputation.

disadvantages: the highest price, before heard the negative news, there is no industrial and Commercial Bank installments.


– 2

advantages: the price is slightly lower than Jingdong, good reputation.

disadvantages: Layout in general, the description of some of the details of the product is not in place, there is no industrial and Commercial Bank installments.

3, the

advantages: the lowest price, and there is a preferential package, a product has a user interaction, a good reputation, there are ICBC and then concessions, product extension of one year warranty.

disadvantages: layout design is slightly worse than that of the Jingdong and the Jingdong and Newegg, no name Newegg ring.

early on the Jingdong and see the product specifications and price, mode of payment, the user comments; to look at the price, new payment methods; finally to see the user experience and post Lusen orders. So simple. The total amount of consumption of about 2800+1500+2100 (a two mobile phone camera), under the orders of second days to give me a description of the product to the delivery to the phone and so on, what questions to ask not.

summary: customers do not you think so much, they are most concerned about the real thing, as long as the price is low, the credibility of security, the layout is easy to operate, get more benefits will buy. This article from the official website of http://s.zhengdian.tv on diet pills please indicate the source.

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