New business summit the electricity supplier to the network operators need more time to upgrade Ali

Sina Technology Ding Zhuang

The chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

Ma has a pet phrase: today is difficult, tomorrow is difficult, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Ali CEO Zhang Yong in the new network business summit has said, today is also good, because the Internet is affecting the full range of business, all the company into a network.

from September 7th to 8, sponsored by the network operators in the world’s 2015 new business summit held in Hangzhou. Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong, a public Ali executives attended. IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge, Didi fast President Liu Qing, millet science and technology president, such as an important guest delivered a speech on behalf of Lin Bin.

Alibaba executives at all levels to analyze the future development trend of electricity providers and Ali’s strategy, and announced a new cooperation. At the same time, as Ali double 11 important node before, Ali said it will put this year’s double 11 to create electricity supplier session of the Spring Festival gala".

Ali said at the beginning of 2015, the main strategy is the internationalization of. From Ma ago intensive visits to European countries, Ali announced a series of cooperation with well-known international brands. Alibaba this year has been the implementation of international strategy in the end. In the electricity supplier summit, Ali also announced an exclusive cooperation with Metro, the layout of the international business and then drop a child.

online and offline integration has become the focus of several aspects of Ali mentioned. Zhang Yong said that in terms of sales channels, online and offline has been a high degree of integration. Ali embrace intime, Suning cooperation, it is to see the trend of integration of online and offline. Intime CEO Daniel Chan also said that around the needs of customers, online and offline integration is an inevitable trend, but those who signed a cooperation agreement to make a O2O product to practice is not mature, there must be a common vision, but also must have a common interest.

mobile shopping has become a major trend. Alibaba group retail business group president Zhang Jianfeng said, the current user of the transfer to the mobile terminal trend has been very clear, "Ali retail platform in 2015 second quarter turnover of 55% from the mobile terminal, mobile revenues accounted for more than half of it for the first time. The development speed of mobile shopping is beyond people’s imagination."

in the two day of the agenda, big data has become a hot topic of discussion. By the electricity supplier to the network changes, mainly reflected in the accumulation and mining of large data. As president Yu Yongfu Ali mother said, the next ten years, the Internet will be from IT (Information Technology) DT (Data Technology) era to the evolution of the times, enterprises need to study how to make data-driven business, let the data into business. Ali’s mother in the future want to simply from the electricity supplier marketing platform, into a full channel marketing platform, the need for large data support.

, however, in the eyes of Gao Xiaosong, President of the newly appointed president of music, the big data presented homogenization, and music and other creative products, the pursuit of

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