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people often focus on the traditional line of clothing brand will know, traditional brands under the line between fighting often lies in its channel store expansion rate. Under the environment of market competition more fully online today, a group of foresight of the traditional brands, is called electronic commerce by means of a tool and quickly opened the distance between competitors, let hindsight flinch. Online retail this new thing, is attracting many traditional brands have been engaged in e-commerce this blue ocean market. The ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, traditional brands in the business is often the result of "fishing in the sea, and many large networks, but rarely catch fish".


analysis can "catch fish" of the traditional enterprises, is not difficult to find that they all have one thing in common: the online business with the line between under a completely different product or brand, this is the "network for money" or as "sub brand" effect. Roley textile will be launched early in 2009 on the line of young Home Furnishing brand LOVO; August 6, 2010, love for the online market creatively launched its network for the brand "beloved"; PEAK, Septwolves, Smith Barney, Lee Ningzhu Anta early online have also launched its network for the product or brand clothing. Now the traditional line of clothing brand online sales are easily achieved nine digit size, illustrates the traditional clothing enterprises to enter the e-commerce market, the network for clothing products or "sub brand" is the right choice.

network for clothing is not choice

most of the traditional clothing brand is just as a pure e-commerce sales channels, which is the right path choice. But at the same time, there are two practical problems that can not be avoided.

first, the traditional clothing brands are generally composed of line and franchise outlets by the two main parts, which stores is the core impetus of the development of its brand, direct control of the line under the brand of the reins. So the traditional clothing brand online retail, if only sell products under the line style, and is bound to be below the line with the same price paid, when online sales reached a certain size, will cause dissatisfaction and complaints under the line of stores, which affect the development of franchise business line, which is the traditional clothing brands do not want to see the results.

secondly, the current online retail market, although said to quality, brand development is an inevitable trend, but quite a large number of Internet users, is still only recognized". Traditional clothing brand premium ability, three times more than the price of the fold is a normal thing, but this is not the whole line on the line, but the opposite is that online clothing brands are generally >

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