Gaopeng denied selling fake Tissot promised unconditional return

the evening of November 1st, group purchase site Gaopeng for consumers accusing it of selling fake Tissot’s response, said the sale of the Tissot Gaopeng group purchase all goods, but consumers are still skeptical as promised unconditional return.

friends questioned aspects discloses the product review process for the response: before Tissot group purchase online, Gaopeng review Tissot level and level two agent qualification, while deployed two Tissot store samples sent to the inspection, are genuine. The 15 Tissot to third party inspection in Tianjin, Tissot store in Suzhou, three in Wuxi City, including the Suzhou Suzhou Park Rainbow Department Store (Tissot monopoly cabinet), Wuxi Commercial Mansion (Tissot Tissot exclusive cabinet official repair center in Binjiang Road, Heping District, Tianjin area) the Lebin Department (Tissot zhuanmaigui the test results also for the real thing).

it is understood that these processes are Gaopeng’s quality assurance department to complete. Specifically, Gaopeng quality assurance departments must first examine the credibility and the possibility of cooperation of each business, in addition to the audit the valid business license, business scope, audit and the merchant’s past reputation for product quality; Gaopeng cooperation before the check samples in the decision and business, and sample check again in the product before delivery of a small number will eventually buy products of logistics tracking, to ensure the quality of the merchant shipping.

November 1st, a number of consumers reflected from Gaopeng spend less than a thousand yuan purchased Tissot has a big gap with the authentic, accused of selling fake friends table, and plans to collective rights. (end)

              Gaopeng accused of selling fake Tissot: hundreds of users to joint rights

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