Electricity supplier quality ushered in Standardization focus on the fight against fake letters

reporter Tao Li Hangzhou reported

in the face of the electricity supplier industry emerge in an endless stream chaos, regulators shot again.

April 6th, the national e-commerce Quality Management Standardization Technical Committee was formally established in Hangzhou. This means that China’s electricity supplier industry is expected to usher in the era of standardization. According to reports, the committee will focus on quality management, electronic commerce, quality supervision, quality and integrity of the quality risk control and other aspects of the formulation of national standards, improve the standard system, promote the standardization of comprehensive reform and participate in international standardization activities.

in recent years, the electricity supplier industry by leaps and bounds, but also repeated chaos. Among them, the most serious problem is the fake and brush single fried believe the big two. The establishment of a reliable quality control system, the scale of the electronic business platform is an important work.

Liu Pingjun

is the director of the national electronic commerce quality management standardization technical committee told reporters that there are significant differences in the quality management mode of electronic business platform with the traditional enterprise, although in recent years, the National Standards Committee has released dozens of e-commerce related standards, but for e-commerce business commonly lack of uniform standards.

, the establishment of the Commission will help improve the quality of the domestic electricity supplier industry problems." Liu Pingjun said.

reporter noted that, from an operational perspective, cooperation from the electricity supplier platform and regulators has been enhanced.

last January, the establishment of the national e-commerce quality information sharing alliance. Alibaba as the first member, the quality of illegal clues found on a regular basis every month to synchronize the alliance secretariat. AQSIQ is responsible for the national quality management of the administrative organs, give full play to the advantages of the functions, the linkage of government and enterprises to achieve online discovery, line blow".

then, state quality inspection administration law enforcement and supervision of Alibaba and other electronic business platform at the signing ceremony of cooperation, the two sides agreed to jointly promote the work of the enterprise product quality commitment, collaboration performance test results released information on enterprise product quality commitment.

Alibaba chief governance officer Zheng Junfang in an twenty-first Century economic report said in an interview with reporters, we often complain about fake electronic business platform, the lack of supervision, e-commerce is actually a microcosm of the entire retail market, because the volume is relatively concentrated, the next line will put big problems.

my biggest concern is, take a magnifying glass to see the case. For the entire platform, it can never be zero, I will not promise to zero. We are only about a hundred percent of the complaints. If you have to take a magnifying glass to see, there are too many bacteria, simply can not live." Zheng Junfang added.

in her view, the so-called e-commerce regulation is to strengthen governance and CO construction. Electricity supplier platform for more than and 10 years between consumers and sellers to do a lot of norms and rules. Now, the platform can be standardized, the rights of the link open. "For a simple example, we can identify the owner’s address, cell phone, and

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