Electricity supplier war who profit

is unable to forgive, single day electricity supplier war have passed such a long time, just remember to write an article, now the media is overwhelming about single day electricity supplier war news, for the electricity supplier war who profits? It is all what each one airs his own views.

, Tmall, Taobao electric war, Jingdong such as suning.com mall, the bachelor day can be said to be awfully busy. The electricity supplier war compared with the past, it should be more successful, why do you say that?

according to the relevant data show that the Tmall deal is the brush out of a new world record of midnight yesterday, "Tmall 1111 shopping Carnival kicked off, only 2 hours and 19 minutes, Alipay total turnover has more than 3 billion 370 million yuan, refresh last year Tmall" singles day "all day long transactions, turnover of 13 hours exceed 10 billion yuan, refresh the United States" online shopping Monday "record, eventually all day long attracted 213 million unique visitors, total sales by the completion of Alipay reached 19 billion 100 million yuan, more than 3 times last year.

just past the day 11, in addition to the Alibaba [13.44 0.00%]’s Tmall and Taobao, suning.com, Gome online mall, Kuba, as well as the Jingdong store, Amazon, dangdang.com 80% electricity suppliers war, also have achieved good turnover.

from the trading volume, Tmall profit is relatively large businesses, Taobao, Jingdong, suning.com mall, Dangdang also got great benefits, however, such a big industry electric pin of the war, but also to some small businesses has brought heavy losses, "a drop of blood" serious.

China e-commerce research center analyst Mo Daiqing believes overwhelmed overwhelmed with the price of the super promotion and post-war, B2C electricity supplier market competition is more intense, small and medium enterprises to reduce the living space.

is expected around 2013, there are more small B2C electricity supplier website layoffs, bankruptcy. At the same time, the double eleven should allow many consumers ahead of the new year ahead of consumption, there is an overdraft phenomenon. The coming New Year – and consumer efforts may not so big.

author Ji’nan SEO believes that the electricity supplier war to the economy is relatively strong business is still a relatively good income, but for small businesses is another argument.

electricity supplier war success, the electricity supplier war, in addition to a variety of low-priced goods into your vision, which is nothing more than to give another industry has brought great pressure, yes, that is the logistics industry. With the volume of transactions increased constantly, shipment around the warehouse cannot accommodate all pile up like a mountain hand.

According to the

China express association previously disclosed, to deal with the "double eleven Shopping Festival, including EMS, SF, one of four links and other nine express enterprises 29 thousand and 500 new vehicles, 65 thousand new Lanshou delivery personnel. In the aspect has been in September since the beginning of the express >

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