Report center tip Double 11 beware of three kinds of network fraud

annual double 11 electricity supplier promotions are both Internet users shopping carnival season, but also a variety of online shopping fraud season. Fraudsters are waiting in the wings, ever-changing means of fraud, so many users suffer, reporting center to remind the majority of Internet users pay attention to prevention.

1, online shopping refund fraud

criminals take advantage of "double 11" peak "open slowly, panic buying online banking transactions dull machine, fake sellers send transaction card refund message", luring consumers access to phishing sites, taking the online banking account password.

center to remind the report, double 11 rush rush often appears to slow the opening of the web page, such as orders can not be made, these factors increase the card single, single off and other claims credibility. However, the so-called card single, drop off and other words are used by fraudsters, regular electricity supplier trading platform does not appear these words. Therefore, do not accept any unsolicited customer service staff for this reason the refund request, any refund don’t click on the link sent, do not provide their own ID number, bank account number, network account payment platform and other important information to the.

2, false red envelopes fraud

double 11 approaching, the major electricity supplier platform have to distribute the form of red envelopes for promotional activities preheat. There are criminals in the circle of friends, WeChat group, WeChat interactive platform in a false "double 11" red envelopes, entice users to click, taking the users personal information, or spread Trojan, steal users bank account.

report center reminder, careful point of such red envelopes to receive links, received such information, if any doubt, you can call the electricity supplier website official customer service consulting confirmed. If you accidentally click, should be the first time to close the mobile phone network, modify the online banking, Alipay and other important account password, and by killing security software Trojan virus.

3 phishing sites fraud

double 11 electricity supplier promotion period, posing as the official website of the electricity supplier, online payment platform and other phishing sites frequent activities. Users browsing the various product pages, often ignore the security link, strayed into the fraudsters through instant messaging, SMS, e-mail and other channels to fake phishing sites.

report center to remind consumers busy buying, but also pay attention to check the domain name. Strangers to send goods to be vigilant, careful to open. In case of network fraud should be reported to the local public security organs for the first time, and report to the reporting center.

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