EBay and Ping An Group to cooperate to provide loans for small sellers

Internet financial innovation and sprout a new model. Yesterday, the electricity supplier platform eBay and China Ping An Group reached a cooperation, the two sides will work together to provide loans to small and medium domestic sellers. It is worth noting that the business is clearly a "big data" loans — it tastes without collateral and guarantees, completely rely on online sellers to complete the analysis of management of credit rating, the highest single loan amount reached 1 million yuan.

eBay digital products seller Wu Peiliang is the first user of the loan, he said, the overseas market prospects are good, but the return period is longer, usually three or four months. The loan to help him out of the liquidity crisis, thus rapidly expand the business.

is the pilot customer, Wu Peiliang loan spent about a week review. But Ping An said yesterday, after the official launch of the business, the loan audit only one day, and the entire process can be carried out online, the two sides do not meet the loan.

sellers such as Wu Peiliang, in order to develop cross-border trade, capital demand is real. According to Ping An Introduction, the biggest obstacle to SME loans, is unable to provide the traditional financial institutions need to assess the risk of material. However, based on the intersection of big data and e-commerce, the barriers are being broken.

eBay global vice president, Greater China CEO Lin Yizhang said, eBay has been on both sides of the online data to do fine analysis, hoping to provide better service. After peace and cooperation, after the seller authorized, its personal credit and business activities in the eBay will be used as parameters, was included in the model peace, operational risk assessment report. Throughout the process, the seller does not need to provide bank water, do not submit financial statements.

as for how this model is generated, running, Ping An, chairman of financial technology, said Wu Shixiong, which involves a series of high-tech tools, but the specific details are secret".

Wu Shixiong said, eBay is the first Internet security financial partners, the future will open up more Internet financial products. He believes that the big data analysis based on the Internet, you can develop a more diversified financial services, such as enterprise annuity, insurance, etc..

according to the reporter, the loan interest rate is not low: the conversion rate of about 18% adult, much higher than the central bank benchmark interest rate. But eBay and Ping stressed that the business is aimed at short-term financing needs, but also generally have a relatively clear prospects for loan sellers.

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