Tmall announced the Spring Festival data new year six adult mobile phone online shopping


technology news February 25th evening news, Tmall today disclosed the Spring Festival Closing data show that the use of mobile phone online shopping during the Spring Festival, six adult diapers, milk and other baby products are most popular among consumers in the Department in life. For Tmall international overseas business as usual goods delivery, imported chocolate, health care products, cosmetics and other foreign special purchases for the Spring Festival by the blitz. New year’s Eve to the beginning of six, sales of electricity increased by 2.65 times, the city of Tmall supermarket department store sales surged by 42 times. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, respectively, ranked the top three cities in the Spring Festival online shopping.


data show that the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine to sixth day of the lunar new year, 60% of consumers use mobile phone online shopping. This is because during the Spring Festival, people in the journey around pay New Year’s call sitting in front of the computer, but less time. Mobile phone becomes the first choice for quick and convenient. During the Spring Festival we can guarantee Tmall electric more than and 20 warehouses nationwide next day delivery, in the north of Hangzhou deep 28 city as usual delivery, and we carry electric home, send home.

during the Spring Festival in 2015, the most popular online shopping department stores in the city are: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Tianjin. The Lunar New Year’s Eve to the beginning of the six month period, Tmall supermarket 11 non-stop City turnover growth of 42 times. Online shopping for consumers stockpile and special purchases for the Spring Festival, zouqingfangyou gifts demand, maternal and child class milk diapers sold shares occupy the first talent shows itself; in addition, paper, wine, fresh fruit, imported dairy products such as the new year entertain relatives and friends for a bargain.

Tmall’s overseas businesses, Whoo and 3CE selling cosmetics from South Korea, Hongkong, Thailand, the bird’s nest upstairs KingPower durian dry, chocolate, all over the world, O double heart Jiabao, natural treasure and other health care products become sought after by Chinese foreign special purchases for the Spring Festival".

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