Electricity distribution platform to join the chaos high return empty

electricity supplier industry hot, so that C2C distribution platform to become a liar rampant. The day before, consumers have said to reporters reflect, to join a company called "star international business" distribution platform. I have lost thousands of dollars.


network currently there are a lot of similar distribution platform, the platform mode is: the establishment of online mall for investors, with various nominal promotional costs, but because of the lack of traffic, as high as 70% of the profits to deliver goods price.

high return into empty talk

small investment, fast return, no store warehouse, a computer or a cell phone, anytime, anywhere to make money. This is often called the slogan of many network distribution platform. In the search for investment projects in Zhengzhou Liu was deeply attracted by such propaganda. Mr. Liu said, called "star international business" distribution service platform calls, business department official told Mr. Liu, the first to invest 10 thousand yuan fee, then Mr. Liu for technical personnel as an independent domain name and the overall design of online shopping mall. The person in charge of Mr. Liu to promote the mall to promote the cost of 16 thousand and 800 yuan, can be paid in installments. Payment deadline for 2015 New Year’s day.

Mr. Liu of Beijing Daily reporter said, see the Star Alliance International promised each item 10%-70% return, and after a few million store on-line advertising revenue immediately after. Subsequently, Mr. Liu signed a contract with each other through fax, and paid 10 thousand yuan.

half a month later, Mr. Liu found his shop has been on the line, but no orders. Mr. Liu said, Xing Hui international business did not do any promotion for themselves, in the repeated urging of Mr. Liu, Xing Hui international business side said that the new provisions of the company only paid 16 thousand and 800 yuan promotion fee in order to Mr. Liu’s Mall propaganda.

according to the Beijing Daily reporter, Mr. Liu signed a contract with the company for the Beijing Bao Wang run Wave Technology Co., Ltd is located in Beijing City, Changping District Asian Sports Village automobile trading market, is one of the main automobile sales company.

lack of investment channels

according to the Beijing Daily reporter, the current network is flooded with a large number of advocates of low investment high return distribution platform. However, in the industry view, these touted their ability to obtain high profit distribution platform are mostly in false propaganda. Low investment and high returns for many investors in droves gimmick. Since the main market share of the network platform has been controlled by Jingdong, Taobao and other channels, investors in the investment, the distribution site is difficult to get traffic and orders, high returns even more impossible to talk about.

with the improvement of people’s living standards, investment and financial awareness is growing, but the lack of investment channels for the community to breed a lot of crooks. Especially with the stock market, the property market has been in a slump, many investors will be transferred to the electricity supplier, looking forward to a small investment to get high back

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