The United States in 2013 overall performance gains across the board strategy to upgrade O2M

at present, the domestic retail industry is still in the transformation of the way, e-commerce and traditional retail, is zero and still win? O2O mode around a heated debate between flooded their traditional retail and e-commerce. In March 20th, the overall strategy to benefit from the advantages of a strong supply chain and timely adjustment of the United States in 2013 annual results rosy. Results announcement shows that as of December 31, 2013 12 months, the United States sales revenue of about 56 billion 401 million yuan, an increase of 10.4%. The United States in 2013 reached 892 million yuan profit, consolidated gross profit margin to return to historic highs of 18.4%, same store growth also reached $13.7%. Not only a strong return to profitability track, a number of data is higher than the industry level.

Behind the steady growth of

performance, the United States is based on changes in the industry situation of continuous strategic thinking and innovation. The United States announced that 2014 will be upgraded to a more open strategy, collaboration, sharing, win-win "spirit of the O2M full channel retailer, efforts to build an open supply chain platform core value and its infinite outward, based mobile terminal + social channels in offline + online store electricity suppliers + operation mode on social channels and extensive collaborative cooperation.

president of the United States, said Wang Junzhou, at present, the entire industry are exploring O2O, but few successful cases, many companies in the transformation of the obsession with the channel and concepts. In fact, with the advent of 4G era, third times the rapid development of mobile Internet will usher in the Internet, online channel intelligent mobile terminal and the line, to achieve a wide range of overlapping coverage, O2M customer base will be further expanded, broad market space in the future. Followed by a substantial increase in the fragmentation of consumer behavior, this change will directly lead to changes in consumer behavior from channel choice to value choice. Behind the channel interface is the core value platform support. In a word, who can provide consumers with more value from the channel, who will be successful in the future.

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consumer demand strategy to win market recognition

2013, the United States continued to optimize its store network, part of the listed company added 93 stores, closed 126 stores, the total number of stores (including medium and large appliances) reached 1075; non listed stores 510, a total of 1585 stores, covering 428 of the city. During the reporting period, the United States and the same store growth rose again to 13.7%, especially in the second quarter of comparable store sales revenue grew by 17.5%, higher than the industry average.

To further enhance the ability of the United States store

, shows not only the increase in passenger traffic of GOME stores, also shows the increasing turnover rate of GOME stores, breaking the offline experience online purchase cycle. And all of this is based on the United States and the United States on the essence of the Internet thinking depth excavation – the principle of customer first, fully meet the needs of consumers three.

specifically, in terms of demand for goods experience,

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