MySpace new CEO e-commerce model

Beijing time on April 25th morning news, according to foreign media reports, news group Saturday announced the appointment of Facebook former chief operating officer Erwin (Owen Van Natta) – fannada for its social networking site MySpace CEO, replacing the day before the departure of Chris – Dvov (Chris DeWolfe).

39 year old fannada although workplace experience less, but because the stable operation of the rapid development of Facebook and by the industry highly, and he before joining the Facebook, was in charge of business development and received rave reviews from amazon.

industry believes that fannada took office after a heavy task will have ruined the MySpace rally. Facebook has recently attracted much attention in the industry than MySpace, and boarded the "Newsweek" and "New York" magazine cover report, the site also increased the number of new users faster. Over the past 2 years, MySpace in the United States, the number of monthly visits was 70 million, an increase of 3.4%, while the same period last year, an increase of, reaching Facebook.

at present, do not know how to make the Facebook flow with fannada to MySpace, after MySpace hopes to launch a music and video products are the way to make up for the insufficiency, but did not bring substantial growth in traffic. The industry believes that fannada not to enhance the number of users, but will focus on the adjustment of the existing MySpace traffic commercial practices.

large Brand Company usually on advertising to avoid much of the content in the user created in the devove era, MySpace by setting up special promotion page for big brands, sponsored concerts form created considerable revenue stream.

The difference between

and News Corp.’s MySpace has revealed that Natta in the management and the devove. But the industry believes that fannada may be a page in the Amazon embedded in MySpace, which has the function of electronic commerce. Because fannada in Facebook advocate social networking sites to promote personal purchase decision, and insisted that the influence of a friend recommended is larger than that of traditional advertising.

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