Wanton winter, Microsoft hardware to help you at home and efficient office Entertainment

with the pace of winter gradually approaching, the increasingly cold weather so that more and more people become a "go out", the company’s air conditioning and home heating has become the favorite of the office workers. In the cold to do not want to go out of the day, Microsoft hardware family good equipment company, you can still achieve high productivity and good entertainment experience, avoid cold caused by burnout, to help you easily.

health control, touch finger vertical enjoy: Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic mouse

cold wanton winter, long time working at his desk to cold hands and feet, stiff, holding mode coupled with the use of the mouse is not healthy, it is easy to cause the wrist joint mechanical strain or injury. Therefore, the choice of a ergonomic mouse, the office of the gens is more important.


Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic mouse

specifically designed for the Microsoft Windows ergonomic mouse, more fit the body’s natural state, can ease the fatigue and damage caused by prolonged use. Through advanced ergonomic design, it can improve the daily use of the wrist comfort, ease of frequent "mouse hand" problem. The mouse pad height, allowing users to reduce the palm at the bottom and desktop contact when in use, the pressure to minimize wrist bearing design; tilt angle of unique users, while holding the small arms in a more relaxed posture, effectively alleviate the pressure of the elbow and wrist. The left side of the mouse groove, but also to fit the thumb, helping to keep the hands of natural, comfortable. Microsoft ergonomic mouse gives you greater productivity while ergonomic design ensures your comfort experience.

innovation trend, the fun of the game: the Microsoft Xbox One controller + Windows 10

wireless adapterThe lower temperature

people every minute to hide in bed, but even lay hands can not be idle. Microsoft has long been considered so that you will never miss a large number of Xbox One and Windows 10 PC or tablet PC on a large number of games. With the help of the Xbox One controller and the wireless adapter, you can easily connect to the home of Xbox One, PC and tablet computers to play games, the game experience will no longer be bound by the cable, where you can play hi.


Xbox One controller + Windows 10 wireless adapter

a new generation of One Xbox controller applies to Xbox One and Windows 10 PC and tablet PCs, with a new design of joystick and cross direction keys, more precise control. It is also based on the previous generation of more than 40 improvements and innovations, with wireless adapter can >

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