Double eleven battlefield domestic glasses retail industry to subvert the prelude!

Tmall one hundred million super double row

in front of big glasses why

this year’s double eleven, Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity providers another myth, the glasses industry has also carried out various promotions to attract consumers, ultra billion glasses as the first started from the Internet online optician domestic brand, innovative mode of operation for 8 years, has been very low-key operation in this period, although some reports, attention has also been traditional glasses retail, but ultra billion founder and glasses industry peers have very little contact. The specific circumstances are not so thoroughly understood by outsiders. Through the double 11 Tmall activities this year’s ranking, let the ultra billion glasses has finally surfaced, did not think of is ultra billion ranking since the row in front of big, and this year is the selection of the four optical network company, ultra billion as the only started from the Internet service company with new glasses mirror.

you may not know the annual double 11 merchant selection rules are very strict, because each industry has thousands of business competition, therefore, Tmall is also as can be imagined, as with all kinds of assessment indicators can be selected, the event venue. Please see the following preliminary indicators:

1, the company’s brand awareness;

2, product quality is not assured;

3, consumer reviews scored higher than competitors;

4, the size and strength of the company can not serve a large customer;

5, in the glasses industry is influential;

6, the total transaction volume is among the best;

7, online and offline chain (O2O) management capabilities, there is no processing capacity;

8, consistent with the Tmall concept;

9, many other details of the assessment indicators, in order to have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the 11 double


so, the survival of the fittest, to comply with such rules is scanty, also did not reach the normal standards of the company, through layers of selection, the ultra billion glasses talent shows itself in line with the conditions of the line of traditional optical shop in Taiwan Island, Shenzhen, the world’s Ray-Ban brand, and brand sunglasses in department. In the field of glasses strictly two traditional glasses chain, an ultra billion glasses network Brand Company. This information shows that started from the Internet and traditional ultra billion glasses glasses chain stores have on an equal footing from some extent is from, also in the continuous line layout of ultra billion, with over a thousand billion plan well to open up shop. Completely change the traditional shop to open the shop model, in order to achieve the vision of the company’s billion – led the glasses industry change and development to create a global e-commerce company in the industry and strive!

lively double 11 activities, and finally out of the results, the 35 billion, and once again let the people of the country a carnival shopping experience, has been affordable, then as a super million is also the representative of the glasses industry

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