BMCSNS should stop

recently, the giant’s SNS fun fun fun fun net suspended access, although the network has two weeks ago on the website issued a revised adjustment notice, but for the website why and when the adjustment is completed offline and on-line problems such as not to the netizen released.

one time the industry speculation after another, giant stakeholders said, fun music network will be integrated into the giant’s big community strategy, and the integration of domain name may also be suspended. Previously, the giant network president Liu Wei said in an interview with DoNews, Shi Yuzhu personally led the team developed the "community + client online games products, at the same time, the giant network also did not stop the acquisition and integration of other community steps to support the implementation of the product" big giant community "strategy, Cheerland network and other related communities will be integrated. In other words, the joy of music network is quietly integrated into the door to be integrated into the giant another community + client online games products.

back in 2008, SNS is the Internet industry hot focus, Fecabook, happy network, campus network and so on social networking sites has become a new bright spot in the development of the Internet industry, according to foreign media reports, the number of Twitter users has soared to 75 million, but the trend is worrying, the new Twitter user growth rate is slowing down not only, but inactive users number. The research report pointed out that in the past 6 months, the number of new users Twitter steady decline trend. However, in China, the downward trend of Twitter users has not been paid attention to, but is a malformation of the blind development, after the happy network, campus network, QQ alumni, domestic network, network and a series of websites have been involved in SNS, with focus on the B2C platform of the Jingdong is not lonely mall, in an attempt to divide a cup soup.

however, the site has been involved in the site SNS this seemingly lively behind, but it is the collective slump in the SNS market. According to the statistical data of integrated marketing communications agency BIMC brand display, a famous domestic SNS website, the number of new users have negative growth, inactive users (3 consecutive months without landing) the number is rising steadily.

I think that the real SNS is to help people to expand their social circle, not to sick in the middle of the night to steal food, grab spaces, do not step crooked footsteps, becoming another client online communication tools. In recent years, with the users to improve the overall quality of already began to abandon the "seeking" game "communication," traditional ", from the network game the main variety of vulgar advertisements, emphasizing various game exchanges, even organized many lines of communication, they are powerless remarkable. On the other hand, after the financial crisis baptism, Internet users have not been satisfied with the game and vulgar communication based on, will broaden the eyes to the work of communication, sadly the website also reported, wishful thinking to be fixed in the five years before the Internet users, resulting in the current embarrassing situation is not surprising.


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