Shuffle year, who will lead the new pattern of maternal and child electricity supplier


the past two years, the heady maternal electricity supplier industry opened war mode: the price war, the marketing war, advertising war, the tragic extent of no less than when O2O bound "hundred regiments". "Push two-child policy", maternal consumption of awakening, and the popularity of mobile providers, so that a large number of Internet entrepreneurs to join the maternal industry, however, followed by cross-border deal changes, capital the coming winter. There is no doubt that 2016 will be a "brutal reshuffle of maternal electricity supplier of the year, capital cautious under various war torn coat, mother to see who the real control of the mobile phone screen, it is not difficult to find, a new pattern of maternal and child electricity supplier has been quietly forming.

cross-border mother new deal to bring impact and change

only a short while ago, cross-border electricity policies continuously in high and vigorous spirits, make cross-border electricity at a draught. Mother in the business industry, before Jimmy Tesco, honey bud, after babe network, beautiful mother store expand cross-border business in domestic trade on the basis of, has also involved in cross-border child. However, the new deal after landing, with cross-border proprietary based electricity supplier will face huge challenge: how to make its own business does not depend on how to survive a year in dividends, suspended period to adapt to new, a public electricity supplier must consider the problem.

represents the first cross-border baby honey bud surrender answer, before the floor of the new deal, which began to vigorously layout line maternal, relates to early childhood, family travel, medical and other fields. However, more than half of the past, mothers seem to transformation of the honey bud do not buy it, and honey bud foundation did not attack other safe areas, "hasty decision" under the sequela is gradually surfaced. At the beginning of this year, honey bud was cut off, the medical tourism business has exposed O2O. Estimate of the situation of the industry due to the error, hematopoietic function is severely impaired, while honey bud has always been "high-profile" marketing tactics are still more than burn, the honey bud can be described as "one disaster after another".

Cross-border business

another giant baby babe network in early 2015 on the line. Only one year. The world’s purchase of the channel business has quietly exceeded most of the performance of a platform for cross-border electricity supplier, the industry is known as a year to kill a platform". But there are different views on cross-border business has been the babe network, CEO Zhang Lianglun said: "will be the subject of cross-border electricity supplier maternal product, rather than the core, the future will be very difficult to separate the cross-border electricity supplier." Babe network, cross-border business has made amazing achievements, but still as a platform standard exists, rather than the core, but also because of this, the new deal, the advent of cross-border milk deal, did not pose a threat to the.

is a crucial choice: standard or non-standard

entering the electricity supplier mother, most platforms naturally choose milk powder diapers and other standard products as the entry point, the best reason lies in the impact of GMV, occupy the market, but that is for the development of Japan after planted hidden danger". The customer loyalty of the subject matter is very low, the consumer’s choice comes from the price level, but not flat

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