nternet products is the redefinition of traditional products

a few days ago, I attended a traditional business brainstorming, verification of the traditional enterprise executives logic that is not a simple match with the fierce words to describe, is simply between the gang PK, I feel sad for the management of the enterprise, the enterprise high layer between a heated debate, discussion topics tend to shift between the departments of glare from products and sales modes, especially in the discussion of product quality problems, each department can tell the reason that 1-2 is not their fault, finally attributed to the Sales Department of the incompetent, will also end in the sales department in silence.

as an export-oriented enterprises, their exports accounted for 80% of the rate of even more, the situation is a good time with low-cost strategy and more than and 100 countries worldwide shipments, the export tax rebate only one will be able to let the enterprise net profit reached about 40 million. But now the appreciation of the RMB and the export tax rebate pressure to change the enterprise boss will look to the domestic market to the domestic market, but is also a deep change, e-commerce has forced many traditional enterprises began at least, many companies have started network marketing.

and network marketing situation of the enterprise is currently only Baidu, Google and Alibaba to do the communication on the level of promotion, the sales situation is still the traditional agent channel, was held at the beginning of the customer exchange meeting, the regional agents are suffering in the network on the real impact of the sales price on it forced enterprises have the transition to focus on innovation, sales mode, but will Everything is going smoothly.


understanding of the business situation, I finally made a brief speech in their brainstorming meeting, just think of where to say where, after finishing the formation of the following text, hope to help some friends in traditional enterprises.

product form: Internet products is a redefinition of traditional products

We want to do business

Tmall flagship store, because Tmall flagship store is a B2C nature of the platform, directly facing the sales group is the end customer, so after the sale of the main body can not be placed in the building on the commonly used products above, this only applies to large transactions, Tmall flagship store sales should be some more artistic sense more personality at the same time, some of the products with high added value, at the same time, we should make a new definition for these products, and not let him is a kind of traditional building materials.

similarly, we can also improve the product and innovation, innovation is to advance, to get rid of opponents in the new field is certainly more profitable. For example, I have just heard you say a commonplace talk of an old scholar DIY product series, said 2 years has not been put into practice, this is just the problem of execution? I think other factors may be more. First talk about the implementation, I want to ask if we can find a substitute for cement in here, enabling customers to easily install it yourself? I think as long as the research, certainly can do it, is mainly dry problem. For example, you are going to launch DIY system >

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