Xu Dehong 2011 e-commerce industry, the ten WEATHERVANE


two days of the generation of electricity providers will be perfect closing. The scene is hot, very full, a lot of new and old friends, harvest. The other faction generation strategies focus on more dry cargo, I pay more attention to the trend of changes in the industry. Sent on behalf of the annual meeting of the electricity business leader, according to many guests the awesome and share content with his own thinking, I summed up the new trend of 2011 years the club broke the ten major electricity supplier for the electricity supplier industry, electricity providers practitioners and think of all.

trends: electricity supplier market into a new round of winter;

driven by capital, from 2010 to 2011 ushered in the rapid development of the new period of the electricity supplier, the B2C enterprises accelerate the burn, the sound of a collective loss. After high speed development, the electricity supplier market ushered in the new quiet period, generally believe that this year the investment community and electricity supplier chiefs electricity market has entered the winter, has good winter food reserves of the enterprise, can be a good practicing internal strength, in the winter the power savings, such as spring comes, broke out again.

trends two: capital markets tend to be cautious on the electricity supplier market investment

with the domestic investment community electricity market a new round of layout and the completion of the foreign capital market environment changes, investment in the capital market for electricity providers have become increasingly cautious, the gate of capital market on not too many innovation and advantages of the electricity supplier project investment opportunities are not many, can be predicted that the next year, electricity supplier entrepreneurs will face a serious crisis of survival;

trend three: platform B2C will accelerate the shuffle;

2010-2011 the integrated platform and vertical electric providers have access to large amounts of capital support, the B2C platform has five foot vertical category separation pattern (clothing, footwear, wine, luxury goods, food stores, 3C etc.). The increasingly fierce competition, in the burn at the same time, whose efficiency and strength training better, who will ultimately win, based on the industry before three, next one to two years of the end of the battle, the war is about to be announced.

trends four: breakdown of vertical electricity providers more opportunities in the field;

In the premise of

platform type large B2C opportunity has not under the drive of the focus on the customer segmentation and product differentiation strategy, there are many different segments of the vertical category electricity supplier opportunities, now the layout may not


trends five: marketing cost Zhangshengyipian, pure burn enterprise will die very miserably;

marketing costs nearly a year Zhangshengyipian, navigation, SEM, CPS, portal cost several times increased, ROI decreased. The living environment of the electricity supplier, in the burn also need to pay attention to the data analysis, burn burned reasonable, focus on data analysis, rely on pure burn grab market user business enterprise will die very miserably.

trend six: buy a mess, half a year to decide the outcome;

group buying market is nearly a year

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