China does not have a pure GroupOn style buy who will copy

We turned to look at the domestic group purchase website

case: handle said we will say we start listing, Wowo IPO, beauty group said we consider listing, we have listed the glutinous rice had to say.

in fact, the domestic group and their ancestors have long been completely different GroupOn. Since the start of the network more than a day to start the group, the domestic buy site from the advertising model officially entered the B2C model. Thousands of domestic war, buy navigation, buy fraud, lottery scam…… Everything seems to be rich in Chinese characteristics. This "China special group purchase website" on the road, but also from another point of view that the practitioner thinks that American business group purchase China GroupOn road lack of prospects they chose by using a model from concept to commercial value to the innovative GroupOn mode at the beginning, but with a your business to the Jingdong, Dangdang, even the Taobao model Chinese B2C road.

to explain the above words, that is the GroupOn model itself is the use of "super low" (2 ~ 50 percent off) + "scarce" (a day) on effect of manufacturing goods strategy, which brings great advertising value to their business. Thus, the enterprise will pay for the advertising effect, to provide low price discount of the goods or services to GroupOn. It is this advertising attributes, so that GroupOn still adhere to today to launch only a commodity every day, and each commodity has a detailed description of the introduction, there are pictures and text. It is in the GroupOn, consumers really get super affordable, and pay for the benefits and the income of GroupOn is business, and business value is GroupOn for him to bring advertising, publicity.


(GroupOn today still insist on every city launched a product of the basic strategy, this strategy also extended to their business in China Gaopeng above)

and now the Chinese group purchase mode, we can see the Chinese group purchase website leader who is not on the ultra low price but by omnipresent advertising to manufacturing concern and pull users, while dozens of a home goods list (oh, even the subsequent page), this is not an electronic commerce website the B2C mall? All the discount is water, all the attention is on advertising, all income is to rely on venture capital……

and the price well, today I just saw this in a well-known domestic buy site:


and then I look at the Internet for a while, this group in the buy site nominal price of 4980 yuan of high-end mobile phone T5399: Jingdong price of $2299; Pacific reference price of 2188 yuan……

well, I’m not going to say how much Chinese group

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