Pharmaceutical electricity providers difficult road third party platform suffered traffic dilemma

the past two years, the online pharmacy business has become the feudal lords vying for the throne. Although the parties are quite good, but according to the "daily economic news" reporter, pharmaceutical electricity supplier this road is not easy, the electricity supplier in other formats myth does not staged in pharmacies.

, the State Food and Drug Administration of the information, as of July 31st, there are 227 online pharmacies to get the Internet and drug transaction services "qualification certificate" of the C card, but insiders said that normal operations and operating income in more than one million yuan level of online pharmacies only 40~50. Zheng Haotao, general manager of Guangdong Jin Kang pharmacy in the daily economic news reporter, said that the profit may be only four or five, and almost all profit survival.

, an unnamed industry experts believe that, by the impact of national policy, consumer consumption habits and operating costs and other factors, the entire pharmaceutical business market is still in a starting stage, is the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier said of an aged person.

online pharmacy prospects controversy

industry’s attitude has always been different online pharmacies. The idea that pharmacies are not suitable for e-commerce business. There are a lot of people believe that the pharmaceutical electricity supplier is the trend of development, is now the starting stage.

in this regard, Shanghai Wan Qing Business Consulting Co. Ltd. CEO Lu Zhenwang in 2011 when the author of the rise of the pharmaceutical business, the domestic online pharmacy environment is very bad, the hospital occupies about 74% of drug sales, really belongs to the market space is only OTC part of the retail pharmacy, only about five or six hundred billion scale, because health care is not open to online pharmacies, this scale also have discount. While the existence of low price and low gross margin OTC drugs, online pharmacies in the logistics and pharmacists to spend more on the cost of services.

however, seven Lok Hong Guangzhou online pharmacy (hereinafter referred to as the seven Lok Kang) chairman Shi Zhenyang told reporters that in 2013 the pharmaceutical electricity supplier’s total sales of 4 billion 200 million yuan, accounted for only 1% of total pharmaceutical sales, five companies of the industry in the first half sales contribution. According to the scale of the development of the United States, online pharmacies accounted for 30% of the size of the pharmaceutical market, once China is close to the U.S. level, the market capacity will reach $100 billion.

but so far, it is not easy for consumers to buy drugs online. Zheng Haotao had publicly said that if the day’s turnover of less than thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan, the general online pharmacies is difficult to survive, and most are not up to the standard. Guangdong, a large chain pharmacies Marketing Manager He Lin (a pseudonym) told reporters frankly, this is not a retail business profits, arguably e-commerce model to save costs, but it is higher than the cost of the line. Another person who declined to be named, the industry also said that the traditional drugstore operating costs are stable, the larger the cost of online marketing variables, electricity providers to bring profitability hinder.

daily economic news reporter learned from various sources, the cost of pharmaceutical electricity supplier mainly includes two parts of the platform construction and promotion, the latter is burn money

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