Take the early bus of the independent shop and start your journey of e-commerce

independent shop momentum is very hot, but many sellers are not too confident, hesitant. Worried about leaving Taobao such a mature trading platform after its own independent shop without any visibility, do not promote business. Worry about the cost of using an independent shop will be too high, the risk will increase.

independent shop since it is the future development trend of e-commerce, its development course is relatively stable. Although the independent shop may not see what income or no income, but what things are needed for a quantitative change to qualitative change accumulation. And the development of independent shop early, less competitive, is the best time to enter. The sooner the independent shop, the future will be more likely to make money, because with the accumulation of time, the visibility of your independent shop is increasing. The independent shop has an independent database, can conveniently collect customer information, according to the analysis of customer age, consumption habits, and carry out the two marketing objective, training customer loyalty, maintain stable customer groups.

actually independent shop investment is very small, like the distribution of the distribution of the E station "independent shop and ECSHOP shop, SHOPEX independent independent shop are a good choice, you only need a computer, understand basic computer operation, Internet delivery costs and electricity will soon have their own independent shop. Do not need to shop in the third party platform and heteronomy, restricted its development.


e-commerce service providers not only provide free independent shop, some people like distribution, even to provide quality products for Internet hot sellers, help sellers to expand the business scope, wide net fish. Provide a variety of value-added services and promotion proposal, unlike in the large platform to shop, can only rely on their own way, or follow competitors copy, to seize the initiative as large.

so the majority of sellers do not have to hesitate, as early as one day to join the independent shop, one day to seize the e-commerce market opportunities.

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