nternet plus times fresh and food O2O is changing the traditional diet culture

Abstract: from the beginning to the food, eating habits, and diet culture, will be because Internet plus completely changed the arrival.


recently, many time-honored delicacy and delicacy have local characteristics of Internet marketing, try to "Internet plus" and O2O mode operation example It is often seen. In the drive Internet plus strategy, from local government to the time-honored enterprises, are invariably chose to embrace the internet.

has always been a major feature of the local culture, "hundred different wind, thousands of different customs," the food culture has not changed for thousands of years. But after the arrival of the Internet age, the rise of e-commerce and O2O mode was born, brought changes to the catering industry, now Internet plus wind blows, China will reshape the traditional diet culture.

electricity supplier from the beginning, regional food culture has gradually faded

believes that many young people are really aware of the charm of traditional food culture, from the documentary on the tongue of China began. Ten years ago, perhaps we see the documentary on the inside of the food is also expected to be elusive, but in an era of highly developed e-commerce, regional food restrictions are gradually diluted.

in general, the electricity supplier to the changes in the regional diet is reflected in two aspects, one of which is C2C mode, a lot of people in the electricity supplier website opened his own shop, the local specialty food on the Internet sales. The two is to promote the B2C business platform, food processing enterprises more and more, opened a flagship store in the Jingdong, such as Tmall B2C platform, some packaged and meet food safety requirements of local snacks on the stage of the electricity supplier. Data show that in 2014, China’s total e-commerce transactions reached 13 trillion and 400 billion yuan, an increase of 28.8%, total retail sales of nearly $2 trillion and 800 billion, an increase of. Electricity supplier has become an integral part of life, and the regional characteristics of food culture has begun to fade.

in any case, the development of the traditional electricity supplier to a certain extent, changed the local diet culture, but it is only reflected in the level of snacks and specialty. The real change in people’s diet and eating habits, but also due to the growing fresh electricity supplier.

The rise of

O2O, fresh off another diet change

these years, the concept of O2O more and more fire, the domestic food O2O market is to be evaluated for potential market Analysys International trillion scale.

from Kentucky, sea fishing and other chain catering to Quanjude, Qingfeng buns and other traditional delicacy, then throughout the high streets and back lanes street snack, and were linked to O2O. The U.S. group, public comment group purchase platform attracted a lot of chain catering enterprises settled, hungry, Amoy little takeaway platform almost snack bag has a second tier city in the high streets and back lanes.

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