The future mode of online shopping try to wear a station to complete


hand touch, you can experience a virtual fitting


Internet shopping. There? Can only imagine yourself fitting with wood? Science and technology change rapidly, pictures or shopping will become history! Recently, the Yangtze Evening News reporter to experience AR Tmall launched a new interactive video technology in Beijing (Augmented reality augmented reality technology), not out of the house does not look real, can be completed on try in the process. Tmall staff said, AR technology will be gradually realized on the website, online shopping is moving from the two-dimensional image of the era of three-dimensional three-dimensional space era.

shopping experience immersive

AR (augmented reality) technology is the use of computers to generate a realistic virtual environment, through a variety of sensing devices to enable users to "immerse" into the environment, to achieve human-computer interaction. After using the AR technology, the user simply install the relevant video assistant plug-in, the computer can be the face of the consumer, the human body recognition. Below, along with reporters to experience the next shopping:

virtual online shopping the biggest worry is that the plans are very beautiful, but completely different fertilizer and high Formica taste. How to choose a suitable clothes? Try a virtual mirror, standing in front of the mirror, you will see a lot of their own clothes around, hand tap, you can try to select clothes with clothes, body rotation, rotation will follow, can also be collocation boots, hat, hand bags and other accessories.

outdoor sports exercise, non life, as long as the swing body in front of the screen, the system will automatically change your sports equipment, in a variety of outdoor scenes, forests, mountains, streams: virtual birds are flying in front of the body, the flowers grass around from behind Komatsu were clustered; climbed to the experience of the shoulder on the air; under snow, a bear from the experience behind him stood up, then slowly will experience the embrace. Isn’t it amazing?

hair mirror mirror on the wall, what hairstyle for me? The mirror shape can screen for buyers to transform hair with different styles of music and his funny face, awesome


echant life

AR was born, to the future life of a great imagination. From the online shopping experience, it seems that we can also glimpse into the future: prototype technology life in the dressing room, what to wear, what, with what shoes back 30 seconds, all want to fix, how collocation on how collocation; stuffy but no time to play out in the living room can put themselves in the forest and grassland and the snow; use a drawing card, you can call…… Technology is changing life.

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