During the Spring Festival, the domain name market temperature coexist

Spring Festival holiday, you will return to the work of the new year, I wish you all here in 2008 work smoothly, healthy! Although we have a new year’s holiday, there are still several domain names to sell at high prices, it appears that the domain name market fiery. Specific domain name market situation, I immediately sent you the latest situation.

The domain name 51.com

is no stranger to stir people, it is not only a short and easy to remember, promotion is relatively easy. "51.com" the domain name was purchased by Pang Shengdong at 980 thousand. And a British travel company to seize the domain name, actually spent 560 thousand pounds (about 1 million 570 thousand dollars) to buy a letter "s", the "s" may be a domain name letter has always been the most expensive.

in the face of these high price to sell the domain name, we have to think: "really worth it?" Different people have different answers, for consumers "value", there should be a double meaning: first, it is the value that can bring greater benefits for their own company; second, the value is not very, but to the image of the company, had to buy this domain. But, as a spectator, it’s not worth it. A domain name can be sold even higher than the price of a house, this is not a bit outrageous? The virtual world seems not achievement "rich" achievements "negative weng".

different views of the industry is not the same, so the network for this line of people, a good domain name can indeed bring benefits and long-term significance for the enterprise, the domain name is unique, it is indispensable for cyber source, there are advantages and richly endowed by nature popularity.

Valentine’s day, for their own partner to send a network domain name belongs to you, is a very happy, very romantic thing. Today, the Internet domain name has become a popular thing, why not experience a special Valentine’s day? I believe that your girlfriend received the gift of this special preparation, happiness does not say.

several major domestic domain name trading site, during the Spring Festival visits and trading volume are less than usual, and some domain names. This transient situation does not affect the rapid development of domain name transactions. During the Spring Festival of the domain name transaction price is relatively high, I believe that the buyers are awfully. The Spring Festival holiday that is over, the domain name market will return to the previous situation, bustling. Due to the continued rise of CN domain name, we have reason to believe that the 2008 CN domain name will hit a record high, and the domain name trading market is likely to be affected by the CN domain name, creating a new situation.

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